Can You Write a Hit Jingle in 24 Hours? • Jingle Wars #2

Our teams have 24 hours to make a music video about a crazy product. Who will take home the gold record?!
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Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.


  1. Vat19

    Vat19Prije 15 dana

    Which team do YOU think should have won?

  2. Eniws

    EniwsPrije 2 dana


  3. MN Reilly

    MN ReillyPrije 3 dana

    First one

  4. Baby Polkadot & jack

    Baby Polkadot & jackPrije 3 dana

    I think the first one... I Like it lol it’s just the tinny hands🤣

  5. Caroline van de Kamp

    Caroline van de KampPrije 3 dana

    Team funk

  6. Maria Joffy

    Maria JoffyPrije 4 dana

    Team edm

  7. Ava Brown

    Ava BrownPrije dan

    Am I the only one who got Michael Jackson vibes in the “funk video”

  8. Khush Robin

    Khush RobinPrije dan

    Shut up

  9. jung lauren

    jung laurenPrije dan

    Jingle wars 3 plz if no jingle wars then I will make me and my friends dislike all your vids and we will unsubscribe

  10. iiPxnkieRose

    iiPxnkieRosePrije dan

    Me not watching vat19 for like 2 years: Me wandering y Jamie is wearing a cap:🤔🤔 me then realising he has shaved his head: ummmmm, w- what have I missed here?

  11. BeLikeTom_

    BeLikeTom_Prije dan

    Someone send me a link of the edm one so I can download it as audio

  12. Jessie

    JessiePrije 2 dana

    For real me eating sushi in a restaurant right now: *sees this video* mom I want to eat this🥴

  13. Emily Gosling

    Emily GoslingPrije 2 dana

    EDM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Green Lime

    Green LimePrije 2 dana

    The EDM team had structure, a intro verse chorus bridge and back to chorus. The structure was there and it was made well. The funk team had good puns in their lyrics though

  15. Gaming with Blaze1r321

    Gaming with Blaze1r321Prije 2 dana

    edamame r beans right?

  16. Gaming with Blaze1r321

    Gaming with Blaze1r321Prije 2 dana

    according to me team edm won by a LANDSLIDE


    BASIC MOLYPrije 3 dana

    You know what?for me its a tie both videos are amazing.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  18. Say Yes

    Say YesPrije 3 dana

    That isn't eeven a california roll

  19. VELI Bros

    VELI BrosPrije 4 dana

    I wanna make a song with you guys😁🙃

  20. Nandini Mysore

    Nandini MysorePrije 4 dana

    I like how Jamie is just casually wearing a suit coat over a vat19 shirt

  21. Linh Dan Here!

    Linh Dan Here!Prije 5 dana

    This Jingle Wars got out of hand

  22. Pinky Xie

    Pinky XiePrije 5 dana

    Solone: *but we dont need no help* Adam: *screams for help*

  23. Megan Koch

    Megan KochPrije 5 dana

    I also belive team EDM won! Their song was awesome

  24. salma abdeghany

    salma abdeghanyPrije 5 dana

    I liked both but my favourite was the I COULD USE A LITTLE HAND

  25. Sologuy 95

    Sologuy 95Prije 5 dana

    7:54-7:56 Well what happened to pun city?

  26. Jacky Wong

    Jacky WongPrije 6 dana

    More jingle wars please

  27. yeetmaster2000

    yeetmaster2000Prije 6 dana

    Sloane was alone

  28. The Dragon Coach

    The Dragon CoachPrije 6 dana

    Wheres Joey?

  29. Meep RUNS

    Meep RUNSPrije 6 dana

    0:19 is the best hit jingle xD

  30. Parker S

    Parker SPrije 7 dana

    A new yt reward

  31. Anne Engelsma-Behr

    Anne Engelsma-BehrPrije 7 dana


  32. kanurez sibling power

    kanurez sibling powerPrije 7 dana

    I dont know wat to pick

  33. Reagan Shaw

    Reagan ShawPrije 7 dana

    Adam: is something cool Cory: something cool sloane: is sloane ( sorry idk how to spell her name)

  34. Brannick Schade

    Brannick SchadePrije 7 dana

    Team EDM is better! :)

  35. Thu Nguyen

    Thu NguyenPrije 7 dana


  36. Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal

    Beate Svenningsen og Liv SolemdalPrije 7 dana

    I feel like Eric is the best singer

  37. Nikola Williamson-Rooney

    Nikola Williamson-RooneyPrije 7 dana


  38. etha6400 etha6400

    etha6400 etha6400Prije 8 dana


  39. Braylon Wong

    Braylon WongPrije 8 dana


  40. Expertiselephant

    ExpertiselephantPrije 8 dana

    *Drumset on the roof, getting funky on the roof, making music on the roof* That sounds like me trying to use up words in my essay

  41. the mythical wolf

    the mythical wolfPrije 8 dana

    You guys should make the world's biggest Taki the size of a human

  42. Abel John Mathew

    Abel John MathewPrije 8 dana

    Funk was great than edm

  43. Vagoboy12 Jackson 89

    Vagoboy12 Jackson 89Prije 8 dana

    BRO I love gummy sushi

  44. Alex 354

    Alex 354Prije 9 dana


  45. Abby D

    Abby DPrije 9 dana

    Is it a coincidence that I was eating candy sushi while wtching this

  46. STEVEN YANG 2003

    STEVEN YANG 2003Prije 10 dana

    I am don't understand :-(

  47. Drita Martinez

    Drita MartinezPrije 10 dana

    Hey Adam Let's groove tonight share the spotlight ok ok that's enough

  48. Maneater 901749

    Maneater 901749Prije 10 dana

    Can you tell miles i loved the 30 day dance challenge on his Instagram, also he should do a 30 day singing challenge

  49. Dee3yo&Wasr1

    Dee3yo&Wasr1Prije 10 dana


  50. Ribka Valentina

    Ribka ValentinaPrije 10 dana

    ESTABLISH BOTH OF THE SONG TO EACH PRODUCT,PLEASEEE! And make the music video like Party Gummy Bear Ahahaha

  51. Fonix Studios

    Fonix StudiosPrije 10 dana

    Put these con spotify

  52. Auroxaxo

    AuroxaxoPrije 10 dana

    If vat19 reply’s to this comment I will cry

  53. Auroxaxo

    AuroxaxoPrije 8 dana

    @Alex 354 hi

  54. Alex 354

    Alex 354Prije 8 dana

    I’m not vat19 but hi

  55. MikeHai

    MikeHaiPrije 11 dana

    Is no one going to point out how good Cory actually looks as a villain, like the way he cocked that gun was Hollywood worthy.

  56. This Person

    This PersonPrije 11 dana

    I like this...

  57. yungnarcissus

    yungnarcissusPrije 11 dana


  58. Roxie G S

    Roxie G SPrije 11 dana

    Definitely Team EDM but Team Funk was pretty good. My favorite part? Eric. 😍

  59. Jayden Kucharsky

    Jayden KucharskyPrije 11 dana

    im setting edm to my ringtone

  60. Violet Cox

    Violet CoxPrije 11 dana


  61. Violet Cox

    Violet CoxPrije 11 dana

    6:57 dang. he does make a gud crime boss doe

  62. Orea Rojas

    Orea RojasPrije 11 dana

    I love the funk team

  63. Alex Liu

    Alex LiuPrije 11 dana


  64. Quincy Lawas

    Quincy LawasPrije 11 dana


  65. premkumar thangavel

    premkumar thangavelPrije 12 dana

    You team edm is the only best team ever been

  66. CAPPE Gaming

    CAPPE GamingPrije 12 dana

    Me: Eating sushi Jamie: Shusi the Japanese dish Me: NAH NAH IM OUTTA HERE

  67. Radha Krishnan

    Radha KrishnanPrije 12 dana

    I think that the real winners are Eric and the music girl

  68. ReeBoiTheGamer The 3rd

    ReeBoiTheGamer The 3rdPrije 12 dana


  69. Giuliana Gomez

    Giuliana GomezPrije 12 dana

    Please make a part 3😀

  70. EyeSellSCOPE

    EyeSellSCOPEPrije 12 dana

    Tell miles he is goated with the auto tune

  71. Nurkey Keith

    Nurkey KeithPrije 12 dana

    I think tiny hands 1 all I need is a tiny hand tiny hand I don't need help I just need tiny hand

  72. Evan’s Cards And More

    Evan’s Cards And MorePrije 12 dana

    Team EDM sucked

  73. charlene anderson

    charlene andersonPrije 12 dana


  74. charlene anderson

    charlene andersonPrije 12 dana

    I never got my Candy sushi when I ordered it

  75. Grant Engel

    Grant EngelPrije 12 dana

    But mans won’t dance. I laughed so bad I cried

  76. Jayce Uebel

    Jayce UebelPrije 12 dana

    I thought I was actually watching a ad on the second jingle

  77. Jaime Zelaya

    Jaime ZelayaPrije 12 dana

    we have to get an album of all the songs made by vat19 including the jingle war songs. PLZ.

  78. Alice Williams

    Alice WilliamsPrije 12 dana

    if you just want to see the jingels go to 6:00

  79. TheSmileyGuy

    TheSmileyGuyPrije 12 dana

    sloane again is nothing

  80. Hailey Hegland

    Hailey HeglandPrije 12 dana

    You guys should do a video about all of your gummy‘s please please please with a cherry on top

  81. Olivia Young

    Olivia YoungPrije 12 dana

    I don’t really like the songs that come randomly in the video

  82. Akshat Kumar

    Akshat KumarPrije 12 dana

    I need a full cover for Man's Won't Dance

  83. Shiva The Legend

    Shiva The LegendPrije 12 dana

    Vat19 videos has become more fun to watch after Jon and Danny left and Eric returned

  84. Sprite The Gamer

    Sprite The GamerPrije 12 dana

    00:19 - 00:46 Jingle wars opening song 02:23 - 02:30 Alone Sloane song 03:04 - 03:20 Mans Wont Dance song 04:12 - 04:23 Miles Cant sing?! song 04:44 - 05:17 Music is a act of love song 05:23 - 05:48 MONTAGE!! song 06:01 - 06:08 Big Reveal song 06:16 - 07:48 Team Funk's Tiny hand song 07:59 - 09:40 Team EDM's Gummy sushi song For the ones looking for songs; and me

  85. Sprite The Gamer

    Sprite The GamerPrije 9 dana

    @Catherine Massey np!

  86. Catherine Massey

    Catherine MasseyPrije 9 dana

    Thank you

  87. Ian Ly

    Ian LyPrije 12 dana

    I think the house band won

  88. Omar Alaa

    Omar AlaaPrije 12 dana

    Tiny hands

  89. Peppermations

    PeppermationsPrije 13 dana

    so... is this on spotify?

  90. Shelley Brethauer

    Shelley BrethauerPrije 13 dana

    you should make a life sized pez like the candy

  91. dave ilagan

    dave ilaganPrije 13 dana

    Wait how to put your address at pls make a video about it

  92. ahmad gamer

    ahmad gamerPrije 13 dana


  93. ahmad gamer

    ahmad gamerPrije 13 dana

    teamfunk should win their song is funnier and cooler

  94. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia IsdalePrije 13 dana

    I think they autotuned miles's voice

  95. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia IsdalePrije 13 dana

    Lol I like how there's like mini parts where eric and the other girl sing

  96. Nicole Woodley

    Nicole WoodleyPrije 13 dana

    Great job Omg

  97. Lauren Oei

    Lauren OeiPrije 13 dana

    I agree, team edm's jingle was so catchy and the video was great too 😁

  98. Kaelyn McEvoy

    Kaelyn McEvoyPrije 13 dana

    Why dose this ound like one of those game shows that are trying to be cool with lights and stufff but it’s not?

  99. Armi Cayamanda

    Armi CayamandaPrije 13 dana

    Can you guys pls do a vid when you get inside a tub of melted gummy plssssss thxxxx

  100. Purple Panda

    Purple PandaPrije 13 dana

    I love these jingle wars!

  101. CTB Videos

    CTB VideosPrije 13 dana

    Can we appreciate how supportive everyone is at Vat19?

  102. Annie Kohlmann

    Annie KohlmannPrije 13 dana

    This is INSANE you guys! This amazing song AND music vid in only 24 hours! IM such a fannnn!!!!!!!

  103. Ayla Moore

    Ayla MoorePrije 13 dana

    My personal fav was the EDM gummy sushi one I’m glad they won

  104. Shelly Clarke

    Shelly ClarkePrije 13 dana

    slone is still slone she no need an itridution

  105. K Coop

    K CoopPrije 13 dana

    I could totally see my kids and I dancing around the living room to the gummy sushi song. Lol

  106. Melissa O'bryan

    Melissa O'bryanPrije 13 dana

    Does anybody hear remember pun city? No just me

  107. Phil Carlson

    Phil CarlsonPrije 13 dana

    Miles is so cute

  108. yoshohoro

    yoshohoroPrije 13 dana

    I think I’m early

  109. Jennifer Ghent

    Jennifer GhentPrije 13 dana

    Are these available on spotify?