If Movies Were YouTube • This Could Be Awesome #15

Our team was challenged to reimagine their favorite movie characters as HRchartsrs! Let's see who can take home the Oscar (i.e. Jamie's approval).
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  1. Olivia Young Lily Goodman

    Olivia Young Lily GoodmanPrije 10 sati

    When he says because I'm the boss my parents be like same jamie

  2. AliKat_0414

    AliKat_0414Prije 12 sati

    my fave was the purge

  3. Mcboss10

    Mcboss10Prije dan

    WARING: the comment below this is a rick roll ⬇️

  4. Cash Up Front

    Cash Up FrontPrije dan

    for once I agree with jamie indy and mindy should be a series

  5. The Vis

    The VisPrije dan

    That purge video was golden, my gosh

  6. emmanuel munoz

    emmanuel munozPrije dan

    ill take that stress ball

  7. Ephraim IC

    Ephraim ICPrije 2 dana

    why does batman when he takes his mask look like old luke skywalker

  8. Eliza Roy

    Eliza RoyPrije 5 dana

    Because I'm the boss

  9. Nikole Mueller

    Nikole MuellerPrije 7 dana

    I love how that they have all the weirdest costumes but they don’t have superman

  10. Lloyd mburugu

    Lloyd mburuguPrije 7 dana

    i would like stress ball i have bought to my stuff I would like one for free

  11. Taylor and Tenley Kajmowicz

    Taylor and Tenley KajmowiczPrije 8 dana

    Jamie answer to everything is because I’m the boss.

  12. Simon Tomchuk

    Simon TomchukPrije 8 dana

    Jamie's like I like to force my workers to do something crazy

  13. Caleb Olsen

    Caleb OlsenPrije 8 dana

    Inda is crazy

  14. Ayden Hann

    Ayden HannPrije 9 dana

    0:27 'cOuSe iM dA BoSs

  15. Dino Dreams

    Dino DreamsPrije 10 dana

    Is that what I purge really is I’m scared if that happens in real life

  16. Mathias Oskarsson

    Mathias OskarssonPrije 10 dana

    I want the

  17. Emma Fisher

    Emma FisherPrije 10 dana

    Jaimy this is you... I am the BoSs

  18. B.M

    B.MPrije 12 dana

    Them: Bond, James Bond. Me: Bond, Hydrogen Bond.

  19. Gabriel Animation

    Gabriel AnimationPrije 12 dana

    Fun fact: if you put fun fact in you’re comment every one reads it

  20. elena cvijovic

    elena cvijovicPrije 12 dana

    No One: Jamie:CuZ iM tHe BoSs

  21. Yummy Bleach

    Yummy BleachPrije 13 dana

    Nice vid

  22. Jayden Trinh

    Jayden TrinhPrije 13 dana

    Am I the only kid that watches Charlie Chaplin?

  23. D Salazar

    D SalazarPrije 13 dana

    BanananaanannaNnananananannananananananana bananamann!!

  24. The cringe World

    The cringe WorldPrije 14 dana

    bEcaUsE iM tHE BosS

  25. Victor Posmitny

    Victor PosmitnyPrije 14 dana

    The nonstop screw adversely snow because south korea eventually shelter upon a pale pear. brave, addicted chick

  26. Leon brawl stars

    Leon brawl starsPrije 17 dana

    Because im the boss

  27. e Shin

    e ShinPrije 17 dana

    This is why i watch these guys✌

  28. kari and ervin Zambrano

    kari and ervin ZambranoPrije 17 dana

    Does anyone get the stress ball 🤨

  29. H Perm

    H PermPrije 17 dana


  30. Meshell Eggleston

    Meshell EgglestonPrije 17 dana


  31. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana


  32. Alivia Lebiecki

    Alivia LebieckiPrije 18 dana

    Ok. We NEED a part 2

  33. Annie John

    Annie JohnPrije 19 dana

    was that mark in the back rund


    GEORGE HYLTONPrije 19 dana

    What about starwars mixed with gaming keep it in mind

  35. Elena Lampka

    Elena LampkaPrije 19 dana

    I survived

  36. Eg 18

    Eg 18Prije 19 dana

    Can I get that gait strees ball plzzzz

  37. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad


    RIVER LE BOSSPrije 20 dana

    Can I have a stress ball

  39. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  40. Fadiah Shalabi

    Fadiah ShalabiPrije 21 dan


  41. Harkenzz ,

    Harkenzz ,Prije 21 dan

    No One: Jamie: bECausE iM DA bOss

  42. Elna Sole

    Elna SolePrije 21 dan

    nobody: I mean nobody: jamie: bEcAuSe Im ThE bOsS

  43. TankStar

    TankStarPrije 21 dan

    me want that ball

  44. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  45. Oli Herold

    Oli HeroldPrije 21 dan

    Jamie: _BeCaUsE iM tHe BoSs_

  46. Fidelia Elim

    Fidelia ElimPrije 22 dana

    no one: ... jamie: cUZ I'M thE bOsS me: ...bruh (not trying to be a hater but its true :3)

  47. Jasmine Ghori

    Jasmine GhoriPrije 22 dana

    Pls me

  48. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  49. Keith Latham

    Keith LathamPrije 22 dana

    Don’t you mean sounds of injustice

  50. scp explain

    scp explainPrije 23 dana

    Fun facts: my last name is bond so yea

  51. shaggy80s

    shaggy80sPrije 23 dana

    No it doesn't belong in a mueseme it belongs in my hands

  52. james mooney

    james mooneyPrije 23 dana

    while Eric was talking about jumping through a window something happened to the hammer and there were 2 black lines that appeared for a few seconds.

  53. Gamerphoenix 919

    Gamerphoenix 919Prije 24 dana


  54. Isabelle Ruggier

    Isabelle RuggierPrije 25 dana

    i love Indiana jones

  55. Liz M

    Liz MPrije 25 dana

    You guys need an Australian on your team. Then you’d have a fully chaotic team 🤣

  56. Justin Playz

    Justin PlayzPrije 29 dana

    Can I have the stress ball?

  57. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad



    btw i love your products...Hard candy cotton candy maker : SUPER! Lil' Nitro : NOT FUCKING SPICY



    Broooo!! What the F**k dude!?....Why movies were youtube? why not HAVE A TRIP TO AREA 51 OR SCP FOUNDATION SITE...OR MAYBE MEET MARTIANS!?

  60. Trenarenal

    TrenarenalPrije 29 dana

    I'm literally eating popcorn at the time I'm posting this comment. 10/10 satisfaction indeed.

  61. Eric Ramirez

    Eric RamirezPrije mjesec

    I think Mindy needed braces that would make it so much better

  62. Waitasec Me is me

    Waitasec Me is mePrije mjesec

    Nobody: Not Even A Single Soul: Popcorn: *takes a week to cook*

  63. Dhevija Kanth

    Dhevija KanthPrije mjesec

    Wow it took Jamie 1 week to make popcorn

  64. Kevin Alvi Sunaryo

    Kevin Alvi SunaryoPrije mjesec

    Fun fact: Jamie need 1 week to cook one bag of popcorn

  65. Webgem Gaming

    Webgem GamingPrije mjesec

    I want the stress ball

  66. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  67. Liva Thorvaldsen

    Liva ThorvaldsenPrije mjesec

    Please do dis again

  68. Trickshot Ethan

    Trickshot EthanPrije mjesec

    I want the stress ball cause I get stressed easily

  69. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  70. David Koponen

    David KoponenPrije mjesec


  71. Ana

    AnaPrije mjesec


  72. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  73. Amelia Best

    Amelia BestPrije mjesec

    Copy and paste if you want Vat19 to do marvle movie stars to do HRcharts Chanel’s including Wanda vision

  74. RedShadowWolf08 Gaming

    RedShadowWolf08 GamingPrije mjesec

    Where's Joey

  75. Kiki Animated

    Kiki AnimatedPrije mjesec

    It’s the “I know kung fu” for me

  76. Neha Gupta

    Neha GuptaPrije mjesec

    Stress ball

  77. B Min

    B MinPrije mjesec

    I survived the night

  78. Carwyn Swales

    Carwyn SwalesPrije mjesec


  79. Jamil Urtyuikjfaxddin

    Jamil UrtyuikjfaxddinPrije mjesec

    This is torture

  80. Hanna Pope

    Hanna PopePrije mjesec

    I love it

  81. Fairy Lights

    Fairy LightsPrije mjesec

    0:09, pause the video and then look one product down and one product right, then you will see a cat in a bonnet. I do not know what is going on here but I am here for it.

  82. joikagamer en

    joikagamer enPrije mjesec


  83. Sean Adcock

    Sean AdcockPrije mjesec

    Can I have the stress ball ples

  84. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  85. Papugamaya

    PapugamayaPrije mjesec

    In the James Bond one, you could have said: I'll have a vodka martini. Shaken not stirred.

  86. Dave Campbell

    Dave CampbellPrije mjesec

    Slone is my favourite

  87. Georgina Beecham

    Georgina BeechamPrije mjesec

    I love Jon But I am sad that he has his own HRcharts channel

  88. skyla fancey

    skyla fanceyPrije mjesec

    I love these videos and you always don't know what they're going to do until you watch

  89. Aaliya Ahsan

    Aaliya AhsanPrije mjesec

    Your the Boss

  90. ethan richman

    ethan richmanPrije mjesec


  91. Olivia Freeman

    Olivia FreemanPrije mjesec

    It made me laugh 😆 alot

  92. Tiffany fairbairn

    Tiffany fairbairnPrije mjesec

    I want to work at Vat 19 It looks soooo FUN!!!

  93. Parzival

    ParzivalPrije mjesec

    Eric was a god in this😂❤️

  94. Keet Randling

    Keet RandlingPrije mjesec

    Great Charlie Chaplin! May we have more, please?

  95. Keet Randling

    Keet RandlingPrije mjesec

    Eric in an Indy hat? Be still my beating heart!

  96. Dustin Headley

    Dustin HeadleyPrije mjesec

    That’s a thiccc batman

  97. Doctor Who the 1st

    Doctor Who the 1stPrije mjesec

    I want a stress ball lol like seriously tho

  98. Kiwi Blox

    Kiwi BloxPrije 7 dana

    It was part of the ad

  99. Wendy Phan

    Wendy PhanPrije mjesec


  100. Dylan Hill

    Dylan HillPrije mjesec

    Intro Me: I saw that green screen

  101. tofuwu _

    tofuwu _Prije mjesec

    i love these videos

  102. Alivia Lebiecki

    Alivia LebieckiPrije mjesec

    "ItS jUsT aBuNcH oF wOoD aNd StUfF"

  103. Alivia Lebiecki

    Alivia LebieckiPrije mjesec

    I'd honestly want to see Indiana Jones as a unboxing youtuber

  104. Jenny Chancellor

    Jenny ChancellorPrije mjesec


  105. Amanda Walston

    Amanda WalstonPrije mjesec


  106. Rosa Ampatin

    Rosa AmpatinPrije mjesec

    "i really like it"

  107. Chloe Arante-Mercader

    Chloe Arante-MercaderPrije mjesec

    The announcer: thy purge is now on me and my brother literally prepared to murder each other



    2:09 “ i’m Batman “ this DuDe 5:33 LOL 😂 I died

  109. Arfan Eka Diandra

    Arfan Eka DiandraPrije mjesec

    This has to be a backdoor pilot

  110. Ugh Corsmio

    Ugh CorsmioPrije mjesec


  111. Maxx Walls

    Maxx WallsPrije mjesec

    It took my man 1 week to make popcorn