It Looks Dangerous But It's Not • 9 Products That Are Mostly Harmless

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Prove that the pen is mightier than the sword with Weapon Pens, ballpoints that are styled after ballistics. Check it out along with other products that are mostly harmless.
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  1. Vat19

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    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack Available only for the next 30 days!

  2. StrikerX50

    StrikerX50Prije 3 dana

    That Game Overratted

  3. StrikerX50

    StrikerX50Prije 3 dana


  4. UpsideTown

    UpsideTownPrije 6 dana


  5. Nate Brier

    Nate BrierPrije 9 dana

    Nice copypasta

  6. NC - 05SJ 814741 Ridgewood PS

    NC - 05SJ 814741 Ridgewood PSPrije 9 dana


  7. STRIKERCZ 444

    STRIKERCZ 444Prije 16 sati

    Wow thats a ad in a ads in a ads

  8. Diego Pepe

    Diego PepePrije 19 sati


  9. yes

    yesPrije dan

    They made a sponsor to an ad Which has an ad in it. Btw that raid as was surprisingly bad

  10. Cayllen Harvey

    Cayllen HarveyPrije dan


  11. Noah Medinagreen

    Noah MedinagreenPrije dan

    Look at the likes 19k likes and vat 19

  12. Ryan Eken

    Ryan EkenPrije dan


  13. Roland Marroquin

    Roland MarroquinPrije 2 dana

    He looks good in Western suit 11:08

  14. John Childs

    John ChildsPrije 3 dana

    Play the safe Jousting game on a plank of wood that goes over the Grand Canyon so then the loser doesn't get to watch another TV show ever

  15. serene dail

    serene dailPrije 3 dana


  16. Igor Gabriel Oliveira

    Igor Gabriel OliveiraPrije 4 dana

    Hey don't be sad

  17. Karen E Hanshew

    Karen E HanshewPrije 4 dana

    The queens gambit?!?!?!

  18. Ben Logan

    Ben LoganPrije 5 dana

    That is the intro to Pittsburgh dad

  19. Laura Konarczak

    Laura KonarczakPrije 5 dana

    you be disrapakting cagins am cagin

  20. Tgb Official

    Tgb OfficialPrije 5 dana

    It’s a weo-pen

  21. Pesto

    PestoPrije 5 dana

    Wow, their ad got sponsored...

  22. Mary Ostrowski

    Mary OstrowskiPrije 5 dana

    This is the worst acting ever

  23. Proco_

    Proco_Prije 6 dana

    What does he mean by “mostly harmless" ?

  24. knolpower Jayden

    knolpower JaydenPrije 6 dana

    No one me sees raid shadow legend for the 19000nd time:

  25. Jayden Do

    Jayden DoPrije 7 dana

    the moo mixer trailer is kinda werid.

  26. Galen Salvador

    Galen SalvadorPrije 7 dana

    Now, before we get to this school shooting, let's have a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends.

  27. Musa Muhammad

    Musa MuhammadPrije 8 dana

    When the watermelon keg the guy drink beta water and its soooo disgusting and i also take care of my beta fish oh btw im girl i use my dad phone

  28. Axyau *-*

    Axyau *-*Prije 8 dana

    For the box fan you already own Me:I guess I'm not normal


    JACKSON BOYER 2028 WCSC 5Prije 8 dana

    6:40 that saying made me laugh!

  30. Alireza Lajevardi

    Alireza LajevardiPrije 9 dana

    And I’m going to go

  31. Alireza Lajevardi

    Alireza LajevardiPrije 9 dana

    I someone my shadow year so I’m going to guess that everything don’t say it do you

  32. Alireza Lajevardi

    Alireza LajevardiPrije 9 dana

    Stop making shadow and stop saying shadow yes I am I’m get up and get up you are you are he want I am going



    Vat 19 i have raid now

  34. Bunny Hop

    Bunny HopPrije 9 dana

    The prank birthday card made me cry

  35. JustKekhehe

    JustKekhehePrije 10 dana

    Ad on an ad

  36. e

    ePrije 10 dana

    This is straight fire 5:41

  37. tobias_the_newb

    tobias_the_newbPrije 10 dana

    there is an ad within another ad, its adception

  38. Rocky Hoggart

    Rocky HoggartPrije 10 dana

    More like a wepen (pun city)

  39. Gwynneth Mitchell

    Gwynneth MitchellPrije 10 dana

    video: raid shadow legends Captions: *RAGE SHADOW LEGENDS*

  40. Gaming clips

    Gaming clipsPrije 11 dana

    Not everyone has a box fan

  41. MEBUS Interactive

    MEBUS InteractivePrije 11 dana

    You know a company is doomed when it gets a sponsor from raid.

  42. espresso cookie

    espresso cookiePrije 11 dana

    No please i want to keep my soul

  43. clovlogs 22

    clovlogs 22Prije 13 dana

    Bro we can do eny off that stuff

  44. Audrey Phoenix Ang

    Audrey Phoenix AngPrije 13 dana

    I saw this in you tube 3 family

  45. Haruki or Haru

    Haruki or HaruPrije 14 dana

    oh no xD vat19 now has been cursed by raid: shadow legends thought adam was joking when he said raid: shadow legends sad

  46. Morgan&thecrew

    Morgan&thecrewPrije 14 dana

    I just wish I could skip this ad!!

  47. tss xxb

    tss xxbPrije 14 dana

    The lamentable nail synchronously tap because jar architecturally connect like a imported tank. nutty, gleaming money

  48. DoubleX

    DoubleXPrije 15 dana

    When there is a ad in a ad channel: O.O

  49. JamHaz's Creation

    JamHaz's CreationPrije 15 dana

    does thefan come along the airfort

  50. MJKPlayz

    MJKPlayzPrije 15 dana

    i got an ad during the ad while watching an ad. nice.

  51. Cameron Santos

    Cameron SantosPrije 15 dana

    Sloane is in the right in the first one. Doctor Who is cool and all, but this "new season" sounds dumb.

  52. Cameron Santos

    Cameron SantosPrije 15 dana

    Sloane is in the right in the first one. Doctor Who is cool and all, but this "new season" sounds dumb.

  53. boba fett

    boba fettPrije 15 dana

    who else saw han solo 5:57

  54. Nutterz Kol

    Nutterz KolPrije 15 dana

    You just missed the opportunity to say wepen

  55. Zaine Medina

    Zaine MedinaPrije 16 dana

    I thought the raid shadow legends was a joke

  56. وليد بوعبدالله

    وليد بوعبداللهPrije 16 dana

    They got Vat19 two nobody can stop them raid shadow legends is taking over the World 🌎

  57. animal jam man

    animal jam manPrije 17 dana

    I was itching my butt then I farted and I felt a wonderful breeze on my head and then I smelt it smelt like Fat ass

  58. Izaiah Jean

    Izaiah JeanPrije 17 dana

    I just realized vat19 has no black workers, wanna hire my dad? (Jk)

  59. Adam Warwick

    Adam WarwickPrije 17 dana

    Me knowing what what movie she's talking about because of my parents (queens Gambit)

  60. Yamilet Faget

    Yamilet FagetPrije 17 dana

    you could say.. they're *WEAPENS!!*

  61. yoshohoro

    yoshohoroPrije 17 dana

    No one: Raid shadow legends: I’m a sponsor Everyone: skips it

  62. Ezra Stop

    Ezra StopPrije 18 dana

    Balance Jousting is the type of fight that isnt a fight

  63. wandana gaming

    wandana gamingPrije 18 dana

    1:53 sponser is a commertal i love it

  64. Jennessa Beckett

    Jennessa BeckettPrije 18 dana

    Why do you even bother with sponsors I know they're just the company paying you to say good things about their company

  65. Bradley Chai

    Bradley ChaiPrije 18 dana

    I feel bad for that betta fish in the bowl 😢

  66. Some Random Cuber

    Some Random CuberPrije 18 dana

    Can we just appreciate the fact that the title says items that look dangerous and are harmless when it shows a clock.

  67. Some Random Cuber

    Some Random CuberPrije 18 dana

    Oh and the watermelon keg

  68. blupha

    bluphaPrije 18 dana

    The box fan you already have Me sh🤬🤬

  69. Astroblaze the Reality Traverser

    Astroblaze the Reality TraverserPrije 18 dana

    how do any of these products look dangerous

  70. Savvas Chimoni

    Savvas ChimoniPrije 19 dana


  71. Dice Boy

    Dice BoyPrije 19 dana

    I remember making my own Air Fort without the product. I just used the inside of my bed and a fan to blow it all up during lock down. Good Times

  72. RaptorDPC

    RaptorDPCPrije 19 dana

    I thought he was kidding about raid

  73. irene Tulio

    irene TulioPrije 20 dana

    what about a weapen

  74. Xander Davis

    Xander DavisPrije 20 dana

    Seems more like a Weapen

  75. Andrew Andrade

    Andrew AndradePrije 20 dana

    How is a watermelong keg dangerous? I would like to know for *reasons*

  76. Andrew Andrade

    Andrew AndradePrije 20 dana

    A sponsore in an ad..... This is acceptable

  77. Saleh Alkhattaf

    Saleh AlkhattafPrije 20 dana


  78. xxchocolatebunnyxx

    xxchocolatebunnyxxPrije 21 dan

    “Chess queen!” Me: *queens gambit all the way*

  79. ・_・

    ・_・Prije 21 dan

    I didn't know that tents look dangerous.

  80. Ghadeer Dehrab

    Ghadeer DehrabPrije 21 dan

    Smart name for the weapon pen is weapen

  81. The gameing Doggie

    The gameing DoggiePrije 22 dana

    I’m tired of hearing raid shadow legends it’s a boring pay to win game that over sponsers EVERYBODY

  82. Elly Black

    Elly BlackPrije 22 dana

    Imagine bringing that gun pen to school lmao

  83. sanzboy YT

    sanzboy YTPrije 22 dana

    When you think about it this channel is basically a fun and entertaining advertisement It was an advertisement all along under our noses

  84. Not A Casual Tf2 Spy

    Not A Casual Tf2 SpyPrije 22 dana


  85. Shadow_ P0WRZ

    Shadow_ P0WRZPrije 23 dana

    6:27 I miss them

  86. gamer roblox

    gamer robloxPrije 23 dana

    I already have it

  87. Creepers Aww Man

    Creepers Aww ManPrije 23 dana


  88. Kurama HD

    Kurama HDPrije 23 dana

    11:11 death note...

  89. Someone The Octopus

    Someone The OctopusPrije 23 dana

    So we’re basically watching ads But we actually want to watch them

  90. SKM2723

    SKM2723Prije 23 dana

    Pew pew pen

  91. Blitz Banana10

    Blitz Banana10Prije 24 dana

    It’s a we”pen”

  92. YonGG

    YonGGPrije 26 dana

    I have a box fan?

  93. Rosemary Zamorano

    Rosemary ZamoranoPrije 26 dana

    And also can you put clip clippers in them like you close them

  94. Jeremy Pena

    Jeremy PenaPrije 27 dana

    Thumbnail: could of said A wepen (get it pen)

  95. Cash Wells

    Cash WellsPrije 27 dana

    “Raid just got a big update” no it’s “raid still sucks”

  96. Aurelio Borlagdan

    Aurelio BorlagdanPrije 27 dana

    Guess you can call it wepen🤣

  97. Colton P

    Colton PPrije 27 dana

    You had the perfect opportunity to call it a “weapen”

  98. D mac E

    D mac EPrije 27 dana

    What do you mean mostly

  99. Phillip Reiss

    Phillip ReissPrije 28 dana

    Who ever plays raid shadow legends or gets sponsored by it. I don’t like you because raid sucks and it should be token down

  100. AnimeWeeb

    AnimeWeebPrije 26 dana


  101. luna cat

    luna catPrije 28 dana

    omg why is every youtuber sponsered by raid shadow legends but me

  102. Pop it Channel

    Pop it ChannelPrije 29 dana

    Quess queen

  103. คุณกิ่งเดือน ศรีชวโนทัย

    คุณกิ่งเดือน ศรีชวโนทัยPrije 29 dana

    abuut the boxing pants its thai language

  104. Anant The Explorer

    Anant The ExplorerPrije 29 dana


  105. Exotic

    ExoticPrije 29 dana

    What I’ve learned “Weapon pens are fun so they should be used at school, nothing will happen if someone sees u with a tiny handgun”

  106. James Sarigumba

    James SarigumbaPrije 29 dana

    Windicator rubber band gun

  107. TALA Galaxy

    TALA GalaxyPrije 29 dana

    I love this video