The Longer You Squeeze, the Darker It Gets

The Slug Light's squeeze on/off feature is so much fun, you'll find yourself working in the dark before you know it! Check it out along with some of our other favorite products!
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00:00 - Intro
00:12 - Color-Changing Water Bottle
01:54 - Mixed by Me Putty Kit
03:21 - Mr. Tea Infuser
03:58 - Mazooka
05:05 - Candy Magic
06:10 - TieKnot
07:53 - World's Largest Gummy Bear
09:33 - Magic Milk Straws
10:50 - Slug Light


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  1. Zoe Squad

    Zoe SquadPrije sat

    People: Ugh i hate ads so much Also people: wow this is so cool!

  2. Fwoggies

    FwoggiesPrije 2 sati

    9.58 we have these in the UK already

  3. Mary Jane

    Mary JanePrije 7 sati

    Are they making me watch ads willingly?

  4. MichaeIJackson7

    MichaeIJackson7Prije 7 sati

    7:58 How to make your Dentist scream

  5. VoidedPixel

    VoidedPixelPrije 11 sati

    the Mr. Tea infuser kind of made it look like the guy had diarrhea in the cup XD

  6. Silvertd 159

    Silvertd 159Prije 14 sati

    “I might have to try this” -Redford

  7. Poppy Towers

    Poppy TowersPrije 16 sati


  8. lee kyu

    lee kyuPrije 21 sat

    These are the only ads I dont get mad at.

  9. Chrysler June Belnas Zulueta

    Chrysler June Belnas ZuluetaPrije dan

    you are drinking mr tea's poop and pee!

  10. 《「【Hanna Gacha UwU】」》

    《「【Hanna Gacha UwU】」》Prije dan

    5:00 He Just Dying Inside :v

  11. Woosh me if you’re a simp

    Woosh me if you’re a simpPrije dan

    Sorry, but that color changing bottle is so useless? Like just get a clear bottle to see how much water is inside lmao

  12. Christopher Woodall

    Christopher WoodallPrije dan

    Do u do slime

  13. Skull1031

    Skull1031Prije dan

    Lactose free for a magic milk straw, so cool even though milk has lactose

  14. Skull1031

    Skull1031Prije dan

    I think it does

  15. Shadows Lurk

    Shadows LurkPrije dan

    Me watching: nice Me when I see magic straw from my childhood in Walmart: HOLY SHII-

  16. Ava Gabrielle Chua

    Ava Gabrielle ChuaPrije dan

    Does no one even mind how the big gummy bread is better at playing the piano than me


    Jeniel [LAST NAME REDACTED]Prije dan

    This is what you came for 11:13

  18. Sunniva Stegegjerdet

    Sunniva StegegjerdetPrije dan

    🥺🏳️‍🌈god vidio🏳️‍🌈🥺. Vat19: TANKS Mi:You ar velkom My boyfrend : ho is dis Mi: IT is vat19 Boyfrend : Ok

  19. Antonio Miguel Tubo

    Antonio Miguel TuboPrije dan

    I agree with toga

  20. Teethartz99

    Teethartz99Prije 2 dana

    I was going to skip to the end but now I’m so interested..

  21. Klandestein

    KlandesteinPrije 2 dana

    I love the idea of Candy magic. People dipping their hand in candy bowls is truly disgusting especially now.

  22. Makoto Naegi

    Makoto NaegiPrije 2 dana

    now *this* is what ads should be like if their gonna be so long

  23. Matt Cesista

    Matt CesistaPrije 2 dana

    i thought it was an evil darkness :)

  24. ItsPurpled

    ItsPurpledPrije 2 dana

    3:33 that one look so cool

  25. Micheal Afton

    Micheal AftonPrije 2 dana

    It’s kind of cool

  26. Thomas Van Dyck

    Thomas Van DyckPrije 2 dana

    I rlly want to get the marshmello Mazooka but it never did show up at Vat19 or Amazon Does anyone know the item number?

  27. Giovonni Constantino

    Giovonni ConstantinoPrije 2 dana

    What is cross put promo

  28. Cat cat

    Cat catPrije 2 dana

    I want the bottle :)

  29. bandi2578

    bandi2578Prije 2 dana


  30. ゲームファンソニック

    ゲームファンソニックPrije 2 dana

    me;i wish to put a toilet paper or shit on mazooka and to shot my teacher my friend; you crazy bro the teacher; ..... get out from the room

  31. Jacob Aguila

    Jacob AguilaPrije 2 dana

    This is my childhood

  32. Deadpool Games

    Deadpool GamesPrije 2 dana


  33. Abby Nelson

    Abby NelsonPrije 3 dana

    Who else thinks that the balloons are a waste of time because there is bunch o balloons that makes like 30 under 60 seconds or something but I would still buy it🤣🤣🤣

  34. The Purple Peanut

    The Purple PeanutPrije 3 dana

    20 year old boy: *MOM!*

  35. sam clements

    sam clementsPrije 3 dana


  36. Mozy

    MozyPrije 3 dana

    I completely forgot what i waams watching

  37. Lucy Simons

    Lucy SimonsPrije 3 dana

    That’s like someone pooped in the water and then got out a few days later and then someone just drinking a poopy water

  38. Lolodot 101

    Lolodot 101Prije 3 dana

    1:00 Human drink blood?

  39. Peachy Fox

    Peachy FoxPrije 3 dana

    I remember when I was young I saw the magic milk straw video. And you know what I did. I begged my mom to buy me that thingy the man was riding on so I can pretend I was him. And I didn’t even thought of buying the magic milk straw the video was advertising.

  40. William Tucker

    William TuckerPrije 3 dana

    i wish i could REPORT this for advertizing but i cant cus thjeres no option

  41. MrFrimbleton

    MrFrimbletonPrije 3 dana


  42. Tiffany Rodriguez

    Tiffany RodriguezPrije 3 dana

    Wait so at 9:00 when he feeds the big gummy bear small ones, that's cannibalism. Wow.

  43. Commenter Pog

    Commenter PogPrije 3 dana


  44. AMY LIN

    AMY LINPrije 3 dana

    8:59 cannibalisms?

  45. Jillian Cooley

    Jillian CooleyPrije 3 dana

    7:43 R.I.P mr gorilla and chicken :>

  46. Shreshtha

    ShreshthaPrije 4 dana

    5:23 Vat 19:- dont wash your hands and then eat sweets instead buy a candy machine Me:- sure why not🙃 😂🤣

  47. Monika :]

    Monika :]Prije 4 dana

    And I return after 5 years

  48. Theoriginalfoodboy 109

    Theoriginalfoodboy 109Prije 4 dana

    are used sure that’s the biggest gummy bear I have seen a way way more bigger one than one like the one I saw is 5times bigger than that

  49. Damms yo Lol

    Damms yo LolPrije 4 dana

    “The longer you squeeze the darker it gets” I tried doing that on my brother and now he’s not moving and he’s all purple and I dunno what to do

  50. rereinoot

    rereinootPrije 4 dana

    i just realized i watch 12 minutes and 20 seconds of ads, what is my life

  51. Brenda Woman

    Brenda WomanPrije 4 dana

    You could buy your dad this giant gummies bear for his birthday also best advertisement

  52. XCherry_StudiozX

    XCherry_StudiozXPrije 4 dana

    8:48 "HOLY SH-"

  53. Filipp Fazulzyanov

    Filipp FazulzyanovPrije 4 dana

    I hate it when there are actual ads in between those ads!(

  54. Tracey Harris

    Tracey HarrisPrije 4 dana

    How does It get darker and scarier?

  55. Carmelo Wright

    Carmelo WrightPrije 4 dana

    i already imagine me going under the candy magic and making it go to my mouth

  56. Aiden Sullivan

    Aiden SullivanPrije 4 dana

    Banana phone 🍌

  57. Gurupettos

    GurupettosPrije 4 dana

    It so cute

  58. Gurupettos

    GurupettosPrije 4 dana

    I love it vet19. You ar no.1💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  59. Gurupettos

    GurupettosPrije 4 dana

    1# it so cute💟💋💛💚💙💜

  60. Habib Abou Diwan

    Habib Abou DiwanPrije 4 dana

    8;49 i laghed so hard that i almost died

  61. Arjunator

    ArjunatorPrije 4 dana

    Me: Skips an ad tp watch another 12 minutes of ads

  62. outlawking 01

    outlawking 01Prije 4 dana

    When Will the marshmallow mazooka be on the market

  63. JanGamingStudios

    JanGamingStudiosPrije 4 dana

    0:58 Ah Yes Cannibalisim

  64. Dennis Aumentado

    Dennis AumentadoPrije 4 dana

    I like the mr tea better

  65. jackson glaser

    jackson glaserPrije 5 dana

    Me looking at the the thumb nail wait the more you squeeze the more raisist vat19 gets

  66. ・ChelsPostshorthings・

    ・ChelsPostshorthings・Prije 5 dana

    3:31 this is like- bruh it’s like he put poo in his pants and after he got Diarhhea aND THE nOiSes LIKE oOh YEaH

  67. Sarah Mosley

    Sarah MosleyPrije 5 dana


  68. Sarah Mosley

    Sarah MosleyPrije 5 dana

    Snail blobby uwu

  69. Wmp93

    Wmp93Prije 5 dana

    Eric and Joey are the ones that make vst19 what it is

  70. Pyro helemental Aqua elementa

    Pyro helemental Aqua elementaPrije 5 dana

    Ah magic milk straws We remember those Well we had the Walmart version but it was still goodish

  71. zari miss

    zari missPrije 6 dana

    Number 7 you are drinking the toy or whatever poop

  72. Cinema Guroo

    Cinema GurooPrije 6 dana

    World's largest gummy bear ? I never seen gummy bear in my state so it's not world's largest

  73. gaming with microdro

    gaming with microdroPrije 6 dana

    i have the mister tea thing

  74. Quinten De ridder

    Quinten De ridderPrije 6 dana

    Just noticed i stumbled upon this by searching depressed on yt lol

  75. samsc

    samscPrije 6 dana

    Mr tea pissed in the water

  76. Brenda Krulik

    Brenda KrulikPrije 6 dana


  77. Dan The Game Dev

    Dan The Game DevPrije 6 dana

    3:25 "there's a tea party in my pants and everybody is invited" Am SoRyy WhoT???

  78. Smile

    SmilePrije 6 dana

    8:59 And kids, that’s what cannibalism is

  79. PaperJam

    PaperJamPrije 6 dana

    The mr tea one was just disturbing.

  80. Sophie Rabiega

    Sophie RabiegaPrije 7 dana

    What happens if you squeeze the slug light

  81. Davita Mendoza

    Davita MendozaPrije 7 dana

    If you give me the mazooka for free I'll subscribe

  82. TipsWhips

    TipsWhipsPrije 7 dana

    The person that’s in the burgers a little bit disability disturbing

  83. Diana Thomas

    Diana ThomasPrije 7 dana

    Put the Garlic on, Then take it off Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahah

  84. DraconMonster

    DraconMonsterPrije 7 dana

    I actually have had Magic milk straws, never thought I would see them here :D

  85. pico

    picoPrije 7 dana

    FBI:west to 87 we got a not filled water bottle:that person :😲ahhh

  86. Ruben Ilea

    Ruben IleaPrije 7 dana

    ey you got a video in your placements

  87. pico

    picoPrije 7 dana

    Lol the snail

  88. steve edmonds

    steve edmondsPrije 7 dana


  89. Sad Ena

    Sad EnaPrije 7 dana

    ive had a magic straw come from another brand way before this video was made like in 2012 or smthn

  90. Robloxian_Floof

    Robloxian_FloofPrije 7 dana

    3:25 the mr.tea man thing is wierd if you think about it. its like he took a poo/ pee in the pool and now your drinking it eww. O_O

  91. Roman 2020

    Roman 2020Prije 7 dana

    The magic milk straw one is filmed a long time ago

  92. HI DE

    HI DEPrije 7 dana

    I watched a 1:30 ad about bricks Yes bricks Before watching another ad ._.

  93. MM Cruz

    MM CruzPrije 8 dana

    ay waw naman

  94. -꧁Avi gaming Lemon꧂-

    -꧁Avi gaming Lemon꧂-Prije 8 dana

    3:21 xD

  95. Alexis Watson

    Alexis WatsonPrije 8 dana Non va dimenticato, tuttavia, che il concetto high-tech di ordine sociale non ci da altra scelta che dare la priorita alla ragione sull'emozione. La pratica quotidiana mostra che il corso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato prevede un'ampia partecipazione (di specialisti) alla formazione di nuovi principi per la formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale.! Deve-se notar que o fortalecimento e desenvolvimento da estrutura interna requer uma analise de outras direcoes de desenvolvimento. As conclusoes preliminares sao decepcionantes: o desenvolvimento socioeconomico e uma etapa qualitativamente nova no sistema de treinamento de pessoal que atende as necessidades urgentes.Em nossa busca pela melhoria da experiencia do usuario, sentimos falta de que cenarios basicos de comportamento do usuario, superando a dificil situacao economica atual, viraram motivo de chacota, embora sua propria existencia traga beneficios indiscutiveis para a sociedade. Mas as principais caracteristicas da estrutura do projeto nos chamam para novas conquistas, que, por sua vez, devem ser funcionalmente separadas em elementos independentes.

  96. I do be Funkin in the night time

    I do be Funkin in the night timePrije 8 dana


  97. Lélé Kid

    Lélé KidPrije 8 dana

    How do I get a giant gummy bear in Canada

  98. - liv -

    - liv -Prije 8 dana

    Vat19 is just adds but way more entertaining

  99. Turtle

    TurtlePrije 8 dana

    I want all of these things NOW MOM!

  100. ha SIMP

    ha SIMPPrije 8 dana


  101. Paradox Fox

    Paradox FoxPrije 8 dana

    Thumbnail:Dont squeeze Video name:The longer your squeeze the Darker it gets Video: Squeeze it Me:visible confusion

  102. Drake the duck114

    Drake the duck114Prije 8 dana

    are you sure the tea dude does'nt shout "OOOHHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAAAAAA" in your ear while you're drinking tea with your british friend cuz you should put up a disclaimer if its not possible

  103. Sher shah

    Sher shahPrije 8 dana

    The 3.3k dislikes are from bad ad companies

  104. Sher shah

    Sher shahPrije 8 dana

    Every ad needs to be like this,Vat 19 we love you!