The Only Lollipop That Can Twist, Bend, and Stretch

Slaps Lollipops are a flexible version of the classic hard candy. Check 'em out along with some of our other favorite new snack (and a couple old favorites for fun)!
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00:00 - Intro
00:09 - Tropical Nerds Rope
02:01 - Tiny Baking Kit
03:51 - Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps
06:07 - Gummy Snake
07:54 - Crunch Mallows
09:21 - Slaps Lollipop


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  1. Cozzyy Flower

    Cozzyy FlowerPrije 17 sati

    They made a non hispanic cchetada

  2. Joanne Abbott

    Joanne AbbottPrije 19 sati



    TEP PHIYORINPrije dan


  4. ツ ☾ pearls ☽

    ツ ☾ pearls ☽Prije dan


  5. Sofia West

    Sofia WestPrije dan

    the ppl who disliked hates ads

  6. Fungage Holidays N Events

    Fungage Holidays N EventsPrije 2 dana

    wait wait da nerds rope crunchy and chewy are eating themselves ;-;

  7. Julian Kato

    Julian KatoPrije 2 dana

    Did u just steal the cachetada....

  8. Codygamer50

    Codygamer50Prije 2 dana

    8:44 I have never dreamed of having just marshmallows and no oats that would be distgusting.

  9. Average

    AveragePrije 2 dana


  10. rademenes88

    rademenes88Prije 3 dana

    Detective chewy kinda looks like winnie from the supergirl series

  11. The man behind the slaughter

    The man behind the slaughterPrije 5 dana

    I’ve had a tropical nerds rope and I don’t like it that much

  12. Summer Wildfire

    Summer WildfirePrije 5 dana

    No one: Not even a single soul: Vat19: let’s make straight up ads

  13. flamey

    flameyPrije 6 dana

    10:11 is this really how you become davie504 get the slaps lollipop and get a bass guitar

  14. BrItIsH pRiCk

    BrItIsH pRiCkPrije 6 dana

    This is like ads that are actually any good and not misleading

  15. Amina Azad

    Amina AzadPrije 6 dana

    you guys did not invent those

  16. Khaled Almarzooqi

    Khaled AlmarzooqiPrije 6 dana

    what will happen if u make rice crispy treats but instead of rice Crispy u make is with crunch mallow?????

  17. Savy S&S Squad

    Savy S&S SquadPrije 6 dana

    **Me watching ads for fun** HRcharts premium: am I nothing to u?

  18. Yandyyi

    YandyyiPrije 6 dana

    You can buy the Nerds rope at 5 and below lmao

  19. Muhd

    MuhdPrije 7 dana

    Best ad ever

  20. Lovercat361

    Lovercat361Prije 7 dana

    I just skipped an ad to watch like 5 ads in a row WOW

  21. Almedina Hadziahmetovic

    Almedina HadziahmetovicPrije 7 dana

    O MG i really want the nerds rope i never taste like but only the nerds

  22. Jonathan Lewis Live

    Jonathan Lewis LivePrije 8 dana

    Is that the Ottawa police? Wow never knew my city was that well known!!!

  23. FunooganPlayz

    FunooganPlayzPrije 8 dana

    If they made those “slaps” then they just stole the whole idea of my favorite mexican candy

  24. Kid Hunters

    Kid HuntersPrije 8 dana

    I love it

  25. Strange Guy

    Strange GuyPrije 8 dana

    Its davie504

  26. Heng yong wei

    Heng yong weiPrije 9 dana

    me kate

  27. Heng yong wei

    Heng yong weiPrije 9 dana

    me meee me melina

  28. Heng yong wei

    Heng yong weiPrije 9 dana

    zme me mr

  29. Heng yong wei

    Heng yong weiPrije 9 dana

    omg can i join🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  30. Christine Carey

    Christine CareyPrije 9 dana

    Is this necessary

  31. Noob Video_ YT

    Noob Video_ YTPrije 9 dana

    Hmm i wonder if we can cut g people with that slaps

  32. Amanda Rose

    Amanda RosePrije 10 dana

    Ya i know that Mexican candy is one of the best

  33. vhetoeck

    vhetoeckPrije 10 dana

    I see you discovered cachetadas

  34. Colin Sheehan

    Colin SheehanPrije 11 dana

    Jiminy Rickets and his fourth wall breaks...


    RAJA GOPALANPrije 11 dana

    i saw a gun stick

  36. sbastian boy

    sbastian boyPrije 11 dana

    Hey vat19 can you make the gummy bear weak nerd vat19 can you made a gummy bear nerd

  37. Ieva Brakovska

    Ieva BrakovskaPrije 12 dana


  38. Tejas Bhemani

    Tejas BhemaniPrije 12 dana

    2:24 blinked eyes when video is paused

  39. Kristine Tran

    Kristine TranPrije 12 dana

    Chewy reminds me if Dwight from the Office

  40. daynail charli

    daynail charliPrije 12 dana

    fun fact : Luke I am your father back story is you remind it say no I am your father in star wars yes? way you look for more facts?

  41. Hana Shaikh

    Hana ShaikhPrije 12 dana

    I love tiny baking it’s so cute

  42. David Stage

    David StagePrije 12 dana

    wtf disliked this? this is amazing!

  43. not l1meade

    not l1meadePrije 12 dana

    Am I the only one that would actually want to watch that

  44. RCMO FNF Videos

    RCMO FNF VideosPrije 12 dana

    The fact there’s 555 likes scares me

  45. DailyDyl Beginner

    DailyDyl BeginnerPrije 13 dana

    The title is not true

  46. •Linda and Raisin•

    •Linda and Raisin•Prije 13 dana

    gummy snake: exist the fake ad: *gummy snake are famous*

  47. Mikel Frost

    Mikel FrostPrije 13 dana

    Hey say sorry to him now or I turn Male karen

  48. Pablo 100 Roblox

    Pablo 100 RobloxPrije 13 dana

    3:51 that never happened, no one was ever fried from there job for eating taco bell any then their wifi dint love them and then they were homeless. Like if u agree

  49. Patrick King

    Patrick KingPrije 13 dana

    I'm so happy that Eric is back

  50. Fizz - Brawl Stars

    Fizz - Brawl StarsPrije 13 dana


  51. Myndee Weber

    Myndee WeberPrije 14 dana

    They just proves that you don’t like something but in a different form you will love it

  52. Fat Cat

    Fat CatPrije 14 dana

    Who hasn’t had nerd rope before

  53. Angie Kawaii [애니메이션]

    Angie Kawaii [애니메이션]Prije 15 dana

    Cachetadas are a mexican candy

  54. Deetdeet Skeetskeet

    Deetdeet SkeetskeetPrije 15 dana


  55. Myan Tran

    Myan TranPrije 15 dana

    Are your stuff made in China?



    10:14 *Davie504 fans rises up*

  57. Pink_KiMiO's World

    Pink_KiMiO's WorldPrije 16 dana

    9:08 lets ignore the fact that he is dirty

  58. Ninja Nate

    Ninja NatePrije 17 dana

    Lady: *slaps guy with glove* Guy: *slaps lady with a limp lollipop*


    MOHAMED TAHIR RIAHIPrije 17 dana

    I love cake! Captions:I love pineapple

  60. NayShawn Wills

    NayShawn WillsPrije 17 dana

    3:52 Like it, but who in the world would get fired, get divorced, and get homeless from having a crunchanator in your shirt pocket? The worst that you'll get is a few weird looks at the office. But other then that, What?

  61. AbelVsWorld

    AbelVsWorldPrije 17 dana

    The one on the picture is an old Texas when I used to love now I’m in California

  62. Yan Tian

    Yan TianPrije 17 dana

    Disgusting 2:13

  63. Liora Casillas

    Liora CasillasPrije 17 dana


  64. JosieRose2012

    JosieRose2012Prije 17 dana

    If I trick you, then you pin me ...Read more


    AMMAR NAVED KHAN 6EPrije 18 dana

    Hi I am Your Biggest Fan

  66. Sezylinn Arwen

    Sezylinn ArwenPrije 18 dana

    Nooo on number five the man who introduced the srinker gun is growing grey hair

  67. Hannah Lynch

    Hannah LynchPrije 18 dana

    I got that tiny baking set for my birthday!

  68. Jennessa Beckett

    Jennessa BeckettPrije 19 dana

    7:01 is every Florida man

  69. DeAnn Giles

    DeAnn GilesPrije 19 dana

    why the dislikes!? ppl who dislike are jerks

  70. Lightpool 09

    Lightpool 09Prije 19 dana

    finally a lolipop that doasent cut youre mouth all lolipops should be like this

  71. Mauricio Gutierrez

    Mauricio GutierrezPrije 19 dana

    Una cachetada

  72. Angel The fox

    Angel The foxPrije 19 dana

    Video : I love cake Subtitles: I love pineapple 🍍

  73. Zane Roote

    Zane RootePrije 20 dana

    vat19 is lovely wholesome content that the whole family can enjo--- sloane: "if you don't have a job then i don't LOVE you anymore"

  74. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke HigashikataPrije 18 dana

    How do you know what my family talks about fucking spy

  75. inky mation

    inky mationPrije 20 dana

    10:10 they coppy davie 504

  76. Ziah Plays123PC&gadgets

    Ziah Plays123PC&gadgetsPrije 20 dana

    Slaps lollipop Is not cachetada its piruleta de bofetadas

  77. william reilly

    william reillyPrije 20 dana


  78. Ahylla/Allen/Macbeth Ambriz

    Ahylla/Allen/Macbeth AmbrizPrije 20 dana

    not gringos finally finding out what a cachetada is-

  79. Lilly Marshall

    Lilly MarshallPrije 20 dana


  80. Sumukh Bharadwaj

    Sumukh BharadwajPrije 20 dana

    can you ship to india?

  81. Amoongus

    AmoongusPrije 20 dana

    7:10 Coyote

  82. glitch cloud

    glitch cloudPrije 20 dana

    how can i buy if i live in vietnam :V??????????????????????????

  83. Fallen Space Man

    Fallen Space ManPrije 21 dan

    Ok,I’ve tried but i can somehow NEVER get the slaps/cachetada out without it ripping

  84. Martin Gainsan

    Martin GainsanPrije 21 dan

    I was gunna order srinkefy but they sead that wasn't real

  85. A Brenden

    A BrendenPrije 21 dan

    I really want that miny cocking set!^-^

  86. Y/N Chan

    Y/N ChanPrije 22 dana

    I love how that dude through his gun and the other dude that was running.

  87. Rollin’ with the Rohloff’s

    Rollin’ with the Rohloff’sPrije 22 dana


  88. GamerPig

    GamerPigPrije 22 dana

    ah yes,a cachetada lollipop

  89. Badboyhalo

    BadboyhaloPrije 23 dana

    Did y'all discovre the bootiful mexican candy called "Cachetada" (I miss spelled alot of these words-

  90. Shi Zalen

    Shi ZalenPrije 23 dana

    watching a ad in a ad now that's what i call adception

  91. Oofasaurus

    OofasaurusPrije 23 dana

    2:14 The cake lover: "I love cake!" Subtitles: "I love pineapple"

  92. Maria Chaya Isabelle Mea

    Maria Chaya Isabelle MeaPrije 3 dana

    @c h e e z e turn on captions

  93. c h e e z e

    c h e e z ePrije 22 dana

    w h a t

  94. Cherry

    CherryPrije 23 dana

    When you realize your watching ads for fun

  95. Marcela Reyes

    Marcela ReyesPrije 23 dana

    cachetadas son ricas xd

  96. Sofia Blaire Lardaus

    Sofia Blaire LardausPrije 24 dana

    I always wanted to try slaps candy

  97. zamnelna

    zamnelnaPrije 24 dana

    I could have sworn the movie would be “gummy snakes on a plane” 😜

  98. Dylanmite

    DylanmitePrije 24 dana

    Peterson’s wife is probably a gold digger

  99. Claire Beaney

    Claire BeaneyPrije 24 dana

    Vat19 we have Taco Bell cheddar crisps Taco Bell I’m sueing you Vat19 this is liggle Taco Bell you stole hour name Vat19 takes of their website Taco Bell all better

  100. super gameing

    super gameingPrije 24 dana

    That 19 is basically add but more interesting if u think about it

  101. Rachel Jenkinson

    Rachel JenkinsonPrije 24 dana


  102. lily lily

    lily lilyPrije 24 dana

    I like the fake drama 😂

  103. Zen Mangubat

    Zen MangubatPrije 24 dana