The Ultimate Fountain Challenge #5: Fast Food Edition

This is the Fast Food Edition of our fountain challenge! Is Taco Bell better in a fountain than chocolate? And can you liquefy a Krispy Kreme donut?
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  1. A Merry Murderess

    A Merry MurderessPrije mjesec

    “Boop. Boop. Shoot.” I would listen to Vat19’s new hit “What is That Smell?” For three days on loop.

  2. Charlie Favali

    Charlie FavaliPrije 2 dana

    @Kbuilds 3 decades

  3. Tequila

    TequilaPrije 4 dana


  4. Isabella Trejo

    Isabella TrejoPrije mjesec

    @peppa k

  5. Jawad Khalil

    Jawad KhalilPrije mjesec

    0 pooh

  6. desty X

    desty XPrije mjesec


  7. Ben O'Hara

    Ben O'HaraPrije 13 sati

    2:07 Moments before disaster

  8. dakota :P

    dakota :PPrije 19 sati

    0:53 I want to summon a fandom that will not come



    Candy you are like me I think coffee is terrible dirt water trash

  10. Srk

    SrkPrije dan

    4:34 *oooOoOoooH oOoohh* what is that smell?

  11. Capacity

    CapacityPrije dan


  12. Preethi Shreyas K

    Preethi Shreyas KPrije dan

    4:25 to 4:34 i don’t know it gave me suspense

  13. Big dong Willy

    Big dong WillyPrije 3 dana

    I get 25 cents every time I disrespect someone after hearing people diss coffee I’m gonna have 50 cents

  14. angelic-weeping

    angelic-weepingPrije 3 dana

    Some of these make me very sad. And not in an "I want this" way.

  15. DuckBox

    DuckBoxPrije 3 dana


  16. Truly Wilson

    Truly WilsonPrije 3 dana

    The people who disliked are on a diet

  17. Joe Papa

    Joe PapaPrije 3 dana

    2 boys 1 cup

  18. Lyra Lyrics

    Lyra LyricsPrije 3 dana

    4:35 oOoh oOh

  19. Sologuy 95

    Sologuy 95Prije 3 dana

    No one: Nobody: Not even a single soul: Eric: mEal tAhMe! mEal tAhMe! cOme gIEt it, cOme gIEt it!

  20. Eda Chai

    Eda ChaiPrije 3 dana

    I love pandas too

  21. bugsbunnykid06

    bugsbunnykid06Prije 4 dana

    6:36 " is this how you fountain" 🤣 nice one Eric

  22. •Dino Child•

    •Dino Child•Prije 4 dana

    I was at Taco Bell while watching this

  23. Alaa Elhussien

    Alaa ElhussienPrije 5 dana

    Why did you name it Vat.19

  24. Allah Warrayo Abdul Ghani- 2912027

    Allah Warrayo Abdul Ghani- 2912027Prije 5 dana

    I want more will it fountain

  25. AahanYogiOfficial

    AahanYogiOfficialPrije 6 dana

    quick question is eric officially back?

  26. Foxyplayz1987 carpenter

    Foxyplayz1987 carpenterPrije 7 dana

    8:57 is that hank hill

  27. walid abou karroum

    walid abou karroumPrije 7 dana

    Papa johns fountain:”turns on" Erik: moaning

  28. ShakenShpere

    ShakenShperePrije 7 dana

    4:50 "Gah, dough boy!"

  29. jojoft

    jojoftPrije 7 dana

    When you did the Taco Bell one it's the same song as my game that I play in school is called Sumdog 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕

  30. jojoft

    jojoftPrije 7 dana

    My two favorites are Sloane and Joey because they both hate coffee and white chocolate but slow Welsh white chocolate

  31. Chalz Magdato

    Chalz MagdatoPrije 8 dana

    3 minutes 32 seconds mark it was like oh no wait wait oh no

  32. Dorothy Lee

    Dorothy LeePrije 8 dana

    I was like “why is there something distorting the background logo” and I see the plexiglass. 👏 bravo keeping employees safe during a pandemic!

  33. devilsANG3L123

    devilsANG3L123Prije 8 dana

    Liquid donuts Solid coffee

  34. Sam1DM

    Sam1DMPrije 8 dana

    Can't live without coffee

  35. Jack Richards

    Jack RichardsPrije 8 dana

    I get that they’re trying to use the new employees but Joey, Jon, Adam, Danny, Ben, r the ones that most people want to see, as well as Jamie and Eric but they’re in this one

  36. Niko Augustine

    Niko AugustinePrije 8 dana

    “Are you having a stroke?” “Yes” Pfft-

  37. Sticky Games

    Sticky GamesPrije 9 dana

    No one: Jamie and Eric: *OOo OoOO*

  38. sebastia n

    sebastia nPrije 9 dana

    Why not mcdolands to be in this video

  39. shashumga

    shashumgaPrije 9 dana

    What if they didnt know what are they getting?

  40. Carianys Pagan

    Carianys PaganPrije 9 dana


  41. Dragon Fire

    Dragon FirePrije 10 dana

    Next time put calphgers in it

  42. _ haiikquu

    _ haiikquuPrije 10 dana


  43. MagicalMemes

    MagicalMemesPrije 10 dana


  44. Coolboy prosopro

    Coolboy prosoproPrije 11 dana

    Eric WE GOT SOME NAKED WINGS Jamie or Jayme What?

  45. Aidan James Animations

    Aidan James AnimationsPrije 12 dana

    You can hear the fear in that “Oh no.” 4:30

  46. lordofchedder

    lordofchedderPrije 13 dana

    Eric pog.

  47. Fozzi Fizzy

    Fozzi FizzyPrije 13 dana

    The thumbnail made me uncomfortable. Here’s why: Taco Bell gives me diarrhea and the fountain was brown in the thumbnail. ;-;

  48. Eric G :D

    Eric G :DPrije 13 dana


  49. Shark Lover

    Shark LoverPrije 14 dana

    2:08 rip jamie XD

  50. Blake Middleton

    Blake MiddletonPrije 15 dana

    Why can’t y’all dip the actual foods in the sauces and not some candy? Dip pizza in the papa johns garlic butter, Taco in Taco Bell sauce, and chicken in the Panda Express soy sauce.

  51. Azgor 27

    Azgor 27Prije 15 dana

    What.Is.This.Laugh 8:30

  52. Mocha M0nkey

    Mocha M0nkeyPrije 15 dana

    83% of the video: gloopy

  53. Blu toon

    Blu toonPrije 15 dana

    Pocket latte ... WAIT I KNOW WHAT THAT IS

  54. MoreEssence

    MoreEssencePrije 15 dana

    Did Eric come back

  55. Marley Bear

    Marley BearPrije 15 dana


  56. Nathanael Kumala

    Nathanael KumalaPrije 16 dana


  57. P3 nooby Gaming

    P3 nooby GamingPrije 16 dana

    6:37 “Is thies how you fouentain?” -Eric 2021 (I purposely spelled wrong for the meme)

  58. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiPrije 16 dana

    Da gloopy go off

  59. Rebecca Day

    Rebecca DayPrije 17 dana

    Miles to Kyle "are you having a stroke?" Kyle "yes"

  60. Pixel Players

    Pixel PlayersPrije 17 dana

    I thought Eric quit... YESH

  61. Loud House & Looney Tunes Fan 209

    Loud House & Looney Tunes Fan 209Prije 17 dana


  62. Cuong Le

    Cuong LePrije 18 dana

    I miss danny:(:(:(:(

  63. its fundy

    its fundyPrije 18 dana

    The pocket latte in the watery donut it's like reversed don't it supposed to be hard and coffee is supposed to be watery

  64. Damien Plath

    Damien PlathPrije 18 dana

    Best qwote: "are you having a stroke" "yes"

  65. Paperyhelloo

    PaperyhellooPrije 19 dana

    Is it just me or Sloan talking trash about products going to lower selling?

  66. Excriptable

    ExcriptablePrije 19 dana

    You why Eric turn into Hank Hill

  67. robina david

    robina davidPrije 19 dana


  68. MinimystermonkeyYT

    MinimystermonkeyYTPrije 19 dana


  69. Philippa Poblete

    Philippa PobletePrije 19 dana

    Eric: we used A LOT of butter Jamie: ooh! So it will be good!

  70. I PLAY Games

    I PLAY GamesPrije 20 dana

    4:34:My new iPhone alarm

  71. Loco Mono

    Loco MonoPrije 20 dana

    Daily is so adorable ❤️

  72. Xbot_Bommer

    Xbot_BommerPrije 20 dana

    1:41 I’ve lost all respect

  73. Luna Dobovičnik

    Luna DobovičnikPrije 20 dana

    The chilli looks like something that would come out of my dog.

  74. Mäxwell

    MäxwellPrije 20 dana

    When did eric get fucking ripped

  75. The Intr0vert

    The Intr0vertPrije 21 dan

    Rhett and Link are proud

  76. StarFiveHD

    StarFiveHDPrije 21 dan

    trust me this channel is my childhood now i grow bigger and barely watch them again


    ROMAN GLENNPrije 21 dan

    Woooooooooooooooooooooo͜͡ŏ̈ȏ̈o̾o̥ͦo͟o҉o҈o̸o⃠o̺͆o͎o̶ዐꪮㄖ🇴 🅾︎🄾Ⓞ

  78. Torie Blockygirm Gamer

    Torie Blockygirm GamerPrije 21 dan

    When soloane can handle spice but not coffee: strange movement About dabs

  79. blazen.

    blazen.Prije 22 dana

    boop boop shoot

  80. kanurez sibling power

    kanurez sibling powerPrije 22 dana

    Eric:normal Jamie:*drink fountain*

  81. SpiderWillz101

    SpiderWillz101Prije 22 dana

    Do toe of Satan + little nitro + worlds hottest chocolate bar with a sour patch kids gummy to dip in please it would be so funny.😂😂😂

  82. king_ _gaming

    king_ _gamingPrije 23 dana

    This new chick tries too hard to be funny



    Yeah she not funny

  84. Pattiva McKean Cathell

    Pattiva McKean CathellPrije 23 dana

    i love coffeey so much AND I WANT TO BUY POCKET LATEY NOW and for some reason i like coffey but im 8 years old

  85. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WaynePrije 24 dana

    you upload this on my birthday. I just realized.

  86. Cameron Santos

    Cameron SantosPrije 24 dana

    4:50 i don't wanna know how that tastes

  87. Joel Girard

    Joel GirardPrije 24 dana

    i you guys do another does it fountain video you should do the big mac sauce from mcdonalds

  88. Ron Kelly

    Ron KellyPrije 25 dana

    I love Kyle xd

  89. Logan bro

    Logan broPrije 25 dana


  90. Delyla Weber

    Delyla WeberPrije 25 dana

    OOOOOOOOOO what is that sound XD

  91. Mattchudon

    MattchudonPrije 26 dana

    2:08 dumb move on Jamie's part.

  92. xevozmaster360

    xevozmaster360Prije 27 dana

    OooOOOH what is that game show

  93. xevozmaster360

    xevozmaster360Prije 27 dana

    its not terrible dirt water, its terrible Bean Water, you kids today not looking up the facts

  94. Ken Ignacio

    Ken IgnacioPrije 27 dana

    Eric in the thumbnail: Pog

  95. Kai Miller

    Kai MillerPrije 28 dana

    I laughed this entire video!

  96. Danielle Sehn

    Danielle SehnPrije 28 dana

    I think you should make the Taco Bell one into a cereal... GASP MAKE THAT A SERIES: MAKING WIERD CEREALS

  97. hall nathanial

    hall nathanialPrije 28 dana

    Dip ur nuggets in your frosty

  98. abdulrahman bubshait

    abdulrahman bubshaitPrije 28 dana

    You say gloopy one more time

  99. Daeng Rombo

    Daeng RomboPrije 29 dana

    1:42 i am with slone here

  100. COOL Ac

    COOL AcPrije 29 dana

    8:54 HANK HILL

  101. Ekthan100 Main channel

    Ekthan100 Main channelPrije 29 dana

    Who elese know the no idea animation intro in the start

  102. Simone Lopes

    Simone LopesPrije mjesec

    0:00 fast food

  103. DannyLikesTrains KP

    DannyLikesTrains KPPrije mjesec

    "Coat The Weiner" greatly said

  104. izuku bakugo

    izuku bakugoPrije mjesec


  105. Mags O

    Mags OPrije mjesec

    do as many will it fountain videos as possible

  106. j_ boiii

    j_ boiiiPrije mjesec