This Toothbrush Does All the Work for You • White Elephant Show #40

In this episode of the White Elephant Show, our crew opens gifts that will be the talk of the holidays. Like a toothbrush that brushes for you and a couple gifts from @Old Spice that are wonderfully strange (even by our standards).
#AvailableAtWalmart #SmellReadyForAnything
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  1. Jackie Bankhead

    Jackie BankheadPrije 7 sati

    can i have the metel pen

  2. Piper Gary

    Piper GaryPrije dan

    don't you love it when shirtless Santa with a random pink fanny pack breaks a hole in your ceiling to conveniently advertise old spice deodorant holders?

  3. Pravinsinh Solanki

    Pravinsinh SolankiPrije dan

    do we need to brush after using this?

  4. Heysel Garcia Arzu

    Heysel Garcia ArzuPrije 2 dana

    to make your hosue more fancy

  5. homer duff beer Simpson

    homer duff beer SimpsonPrije 3 dana

    3:59 his reaction 😂😂😂

  6. Quinlan Dye

    Quinlan DyePrije 3 dana

    7:58 can someone please tell me what that product is

  7. Evie Mulvey

    Evie MulveyPrije 3 dana

    Who is the butler

  8. Ralphic Jamali

    Ralphic JamaliPrije 4 dana

    It sus

  9. carly christopher

    carly christopherPrije 4 dana

    Can they trade after the game as well not just on Camra

  10. Little Babies Big Dreams

    Little Babies Big DreamsPrije 4 dana

    I love that Adam looked at his shirt when Eric said the person with the most hot sauces on their shirt.

  11. Hh

    HhPrije 4 dana


  12. November Nhu Ngoc Huynh

    November Nhu Ngoc HuynhPrije 5 dana




    3:01 “BuTLeRrrRrrRrrRr!”



    Adam looks so excited when we got the bear deodorant holder 😆

  15. Hakema Al Muhanna

    Hakema Al MuhannaPrije 5 dana

    Adam he is so funny😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  16. Hakema Al Muhanna

    Hakema Al MuhannaPrije 6 dana

    I mean Sloane I'm keeping meakst may words

  17. Hakema Al Muhanna

    Hakema Al MuhannaPrije 6 dana

    Slone is boy or a girl streange🤔

  18. Hakema Al Muhanna

    Hakema Al MuhannaPrije 6 dana

    Sorry forgot name

  19. Hakema Al Muhanna

    Hakema Al MuhannaPrije 6 dana

    I mean sloane

  20. Mini-Mello

    Mini-MelloPrije 6 dana

    I Appreciate butler he ran like alot

  21. Jade Harper

    Jade HarperPrije 6 dana

    Not me simping for kyle

  22. Anna_Pomakian 20301047

    Anna_Pomakian 20301047Prije 7 dana


  23. Fxprv

    FxprvPrije 8 dana

    The toothbrush doesn’t work someone tried it and it didn’t work

  24. Abella Lee

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  25. Suzanne Sterritt

    Suzanne SterrittPrije 8 dana

    god i had to get a tooth out a the densite and i HURT ALOT

  26. Ayesha Asif

    Ayesha AsifPrije 9 dana

    Poor butler must be tired and needs to rest

  27. iilxserclxuds ._

    iilxserclxuds ._Prije 9 dana

    Ok but buff Santa is kinda hot👩‍🦯

  28. Hunternator Lee

    Hunternator LeePrije 10 dana

    I feel this episode of White Elephant Show quality looks very old school.

  29. シᴀᴄᴇ ʟᴜᴠs sᴇɪɢᴇ

    シᴀᴄᴇ ʟᴜᴠs sᴇɪɢᴇPrije 10 dana

    BTW the mouth tooth brush thingy its been reviewed by Dental Digest it doesnt clean your teeth all the way

  30. ꧁ꕥAshley Roseꕥ꧂

    ꧁ꕥAshley Roseꕥ꧂Prije 10 dana

    Okay I’m getting the automatic tooth brush bc I am lazy :>

  31. Bonks6641

    Bonks6641Prije 11 dana

    Why did I think it said White Elephant Brush

  32. Cabbage * Leaf

    Cabbage * LeafPrije 11 dana

    "I understand it less now"

  33. shirina akter

    shirina akterPrije 12 dana

    And serrah just geve birth to adems child 😂😂😂🍑

  34. Cyborg Eats Food ツ

    Cyborg Eats Food ツPrije 12 dana

    Who else thinks the Butler should get paid more?

  35. Hiyoko Saionji

    Hiyoko SaionjiPrije 12 dana

    sloane deserves more love

  36. Zahra Abd

    Zahra AbdPrije 13 dana

    Wait is that Kyle?

  37. •K•E•I•R•A• •M•U•R•R•A•Y•

    •K•E•I•R•A• •M•U•R•R•A•Y•Prije 13 dana

    2:52 get ready to listen to adams dad joke xD

  38. Seth Grenzig

    Seth GrenzigPrije 13 dana

    guys, with the first commercial at the end it showed the old spice logo and played the state farm end music

  39. Mariah Colella

    Mariah ColellaPrije 13 dana


  40. Emma Coleman

    Emma ColemanPrije 13 dana




    Fun fact: this video is of Vat19

  42. Katsuki bakugods

    Katsuki bakugodsPrije 13 dana

    oh my dad has that Toothbrush

  43. I love clocks

    I love clocksPrije 13 dana

    Watching the video at 63 % charged

  44. FA Chicky

    FA ChickyPrije 14 dana

    No the cactus says ima poke u battery

  45. Elisabeth Hansen

    Elisabeth HansenPrije 14 dana

    The buyer can... Poor guy or girl I feel so bad for her or him... 😢😭😢😭 If u agree... 👇🏿if u don’t agree... 👇🏿

  46. Elisabeth Hansen

    Elisabeth HansenPrije 14 dana

    This took me a long time to make the hands in the right places thank you have a nice rest of ur day or night. 😁😁 Stay safe ! 😷 Stay home if ur sick! 🤒🤧 One last thing... BLACK LIVES MADDER AND SO DO ALL!!!

  47. Scott Hall

    Scott HallPrije 14 dana

    I have that gummy chair lol •_• Edit: it got clawed by my cats 😭

  48. Denis Clan

    Denis ClanPrije 14 dana

    1:33 thats kinda sus

  49. Cole Werkema

    Cole WerkemaPrije 14 dana

    Adam looks so chubby

  50. Bagel's Arts

    Bagel's ArtsPrije 14 dana

    That commercial i believe it was a REAL commercial

  51. ꧁strange Glasses꧂

    ꧁strange Glasses꧂Prije 14 dana

    Omg santa why is he not wearing a shirt

  52. Leia Monaco

    Leia MonacoPrije 14 dana

    I was kinda weirded out when Kyle came down from the roof without a shirt on

  53. Random Horse girl

    Random Horse girlPrije 14 dana

    Slone needs carrots 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Chase Parker

    Chase ParkerPrije 15 dana

    My parents own a hot sauce Company

  55. Chloe' Flynn

    Chloe' FlynnPrije 15 dana

    im late i have one thing to say the add why the add its a buff boy if my cousin here will make her droil

  56. Locus and Felix

    Locus and FelixPrije 15 dana

    Boi I have the same bear from old spice boo way that awesome

  57. Anoushka

    AnoushkaPrije 15 dana

    I feel bad for butler

  58. jacob saputra

    jacob saputraPrije 16 dana

    random more like in order

  59. Jayden Philbert

    Jayden PhilbertPrije 16 dana

    Sara is my baby

  60. Yellow

    YellowPrije 16 dana

    i wouldve stole the brush lol

  61. Jasmine A. Kyawt

    Jasmine A. KyawtPrije 17 dana

    Me waving as a 6 yr old even tho i'm not in the white elephant show

  62. MelodyeW300

    MelodyeW300Prije 14 dana

    You have good typing for a 6 year old good job

  63. Dallas Kaidence

    Dallas KaidencePrije 17 dana

    When it previews the led phone charger there’s a kid in the background.

  64. fancyphinix

    fancyphinixPrije 17 dana


  65. Tammy Keay

    Tammy KeayPrije 17 dana

    i feel bad for the butler cause he/shes doing all the walking while you guys are sitting

  66. Vihaan Luthria

    Vihaan LuthriaPrije 18 dana

    i want i like the tooth bruch so how to buy it

  67. Ash K Parkin

    Ash K ParkinPrije 19 dana

    What are Sloan's pronouns??

  68. Oilicec Otos

    Oilicec OtosPrije 20 dana

    *uploading this on november*

  69. itz hot-choco

    itz hot-chocoPrije 21 dan

    poor buttler... :

  70. E A

    E APrije 21 dan

    Me: Skips all the adds Also Me: Watches a whole video of ads

  71. Toko For Chronic

    Toko For ChronicPrije 21 dan

    Where do i get that toothbrush i need it

  72. • D I N O N U G G I E S•

    • D I N O N U G G I E S•Prije 21 dan

    At 2:46 Adam sounds like bender from a TV show!😂

  73. Xylia Caprice M. Te

    Xylia Caprice M. TePrije 22 dana


  74. The Redreaper

    The RedreaperPrije 22 dana

    we need another white elephant

  75. Kingzzzon

    KingzzzonPrije 22 dana


  76. ꧁_Aɴɢᴇʟɪᴄ Mᴇʜ_꧂

    ꧁_Aɴɢᴇʟɪᴄ Mᴇʜ_꧂Prije 22 dana

    **3M people are lazy.** **jk**

  77. Reachny Y Kunthea

    Reachny Y KuntheaPrije 23 dana

    why was kyler naked?

  78. TianXP

    TianXPPrije 23 dana

    Includes paid promotion

  79. *’sara’*

    *’sara’*Prije 23 dana

    hmm the name sara.. where did that come from? Oh! I remember THATS MY NAME

  80. SKM2723

    SKM2723Prije 23 dana

    Did anybody notice that he went in a line

  81. kaden

    kadenPrije 24 dana


  82. xcloudyxwolfx

    xcloudyxwolfxPrije 24 dana

    How Sloane sounds: 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩♥️✨🌈🌈🌈😙 What she means: 👹😈😈😈😈😈🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

  83. Marc Sapienza

    Marc SapienzaPrije 25 dana


  84. Diem Ho

    Diem HoPrije 25 dana

    You don’t think 💭 gonna has fallen so you wanna is a great 👍 next week I am a really great 👍 game will work for the best of me to

  85. Diem Ho

    Diem HoPrije 25 dana

    Hello 👋 I gotta I like you a good time and a lot more to go go back home 🏠 night and then go to a party 🎊 next year I have to work at the same school 🏫 this time and time for you guys I think 💭 gonna has to do a better game for the cowboys

  86. Eva

    EvaPrije 26 dana

    When you said the gummy chair was not made out of gummies i was devistated...I wanted to EAT IT whike i sat in it

  87. Janet Hall

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  88. Liam Long

    Liam LongPrije 26 dana

    Jamie it’s used so no one steals your deodorant

  89. RileyPlays

    RileyPlaysPrije 26 dana


  90. Iniya siva

    Iniya sivaPrije 27 dana


  91. Aquilina Issa

    Aquilina IssaPrije 27 dana

    Poor butler 😂

  92. Daniel Lillistone

    Daniel LillistonePrije 27 dana

    This is just one big old spice advert

  93. Marni Lewis

    Marni LewisPrije 27 dana

    Eric why did u do that to Jamie!?

  94. posionixxy_games

    posionixxy_gamesPrije 28 dana

    Yes I knew it jamie picked the mermaid scales

  95. Just A Casual Channel.

    Just A Casual Channel.Prije 29 dana

    2:25 LOL WALMART.

  96. Daniella Leet

    Daniella LeetPrije 29 dana

    Totally picking randomly but it goes in order?🤔 such a lie!

  97. Parent Db

    Parent DbPrije 29 dana

    i do not like your hair jamy

  98. Rudraa Gajera

    Rudraa GajeraPrije 29 dana

    yeah they should


    WINTER WØLFPrije mjesec

    Can't Jamie just take the gummy bear chair from the wear house?

  100. device lover s

    device lover sPrije mjesec

    Metal pen I just saw that video before this. video

  101. DanTTM GAMER

    DanTTM GAMERPrije mjesec

    Poor butler he did all the work lol

  102. aluxury

    aluxuryPrije mjesec

    7:57 is where the toothbrush is, thank me later.

  103. Musketeer -

    Musketeer -Prije mjesec

    tbh sloanes kinda annoying

  104. Kaley

    KaleyPrije mjesec

    Bro I have the kraken curse too and the bear