Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #11 • Eric's Back!

Have you seen the latest episode? Eric is back and he demands we make him laugh! The more he chuckles, the less Lobster Hard Candy we have to eat in order to cash in our reward. Let's hope he still likes funny things...
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  1. Vat19

    Vat19Prije 4 mjeseci

    Have you seen the latest episode? Check it out here:

  2. Mommaluvss3

    Mommaluvss3Prije 2 sati

    Das boot

  3. Niamh Brennan

    Niamh BrennanPrije mjesec


  4. XdEli 2009

    XdEli 2009Prije mjesec

    Now you are sweeter

  5. MinedPhoenix454

    MinedPhoenix454Prije 2 mjeseci

    The wig crane makes the guy with the wig look like Frodo or Bilbo from the lord of the rings or the hobbit

  6. Ugly Rat

    Ugly RatPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Brian Ferris ?????????????????????????????????????

  7. Mommaluvss3

    Mommaluvss3Prije 2 sati

    6:37 I love her accent (das candy ) I’m dying over that

  8. • Ali•

    • Ali•Prije 5 sati


  9. • Ali•

    • Ali•Prije 5 sati

    Like when sloane says as ummm as Jamie’s Salvatore

  10. • Ali•

    • Ali•Prije 5 sati

    The way miles does asmr is so funny lol

  11. Louis Kyllan

    Louis KyllanPrije 10 sati

    Dope ro nope here?

  12. 《 _ItzLilythe Emø_ 》

    《 _ItzLilythe Emø_ 》Prije dan

    He protect He attacc But most importantly Eric is bacc

  13. Ellen Davis

    Ellen DavisPrije 2 dana

    Babraham Linkin lol

  14. Gamer Enrique

    Gamer EnriquePrije 2 dana


  15. Wilfred Hamilton-Dalgleish

    Wilfred Hamilton-DalgleishPrije 2 dana

    i like how alone made a sound like ahaaaaaa probably translated to saaaaaaaaaave me

  16. Pyxlmated

    PyxlmatedPrije 3 dana

    Eric: *returns to vat19* *Everybody liked that*

  17. Meep Meep

    Meep MeepPrije 4 dana


  18. Trische Callister

    Trische CallisterPrije 5 dana

    Sloane seems to be the new danny

  19. Reed Iverson

    Reed IversonPrije 5 dana

    Where is Joey

  20. MollieMoomoo Videos

    MollieMoomoo VideosPrije 5 dana

    Sloane is such a good singer

  21. DaRandomGamer YT

    DaRandomGamer YTPrije 5 dana

    6 year old jamie talking to 30 year old jamie Are You A 30 Year old whos ugly?

  22. 5_1 06 พีรสิชฌ์ หวัดสนิท

    5_1 06 พีรสิชฌ์ หวัดสนิทPrije 7 dana

    7:05 *dying inside*

  23. Jeff Ramsey

    Jeff RamseyPrije 7 dana

    eric is like...the worst

  24. Jacob Long

    Jacob LongPrije 7 dana

    3:08 me trying to record a video but also not trying to be loud

  25. Althea Clyde

    Althea ClydePrije 7 dana

    Wait they’re selling Jamie’s armpit hair-

  26. the creepy gamer

    the creepy gamerPrije 8 dana


  27. Noelle Aguiar

    Noelle AguiarPrije 8 dana

    Eric is the weirdest one

  28. Tomos Tipz

    Tomos TipzPrije 9 dana

    Poor kids

  29. Cow and Cat

    Cow and CatPrije 10 dana

    She's just like Kyle, Kyle just don't

  30. Sam Nussbaum

    Sam NussbaumPrije 10 dana

    He's back!!

  31. Mai Vo

    Mai VoPrije 10 dana

    She did the F word

  32. Ashley Blake

    Ashley BlakePrije 10 dana


  33. Lovely Tara

    Lovely TaraPrije 11 dana

    Sloane has a amazing voice 🐥

  34. Yehhrhr Hehehje

    Yehhrhr HehehjePrije 12 dana

    The boomerang is not a real boomerang if it doesn’t come back to you

  35. Jake Rivas

    Jake RivasPrije 12 dana

    3:53 dope or nope in mspaint

  36. GamerPig

    GamerPigPrije 13 dana

    0:05 top 10 scariest things you may see before dying

  37. M Simpson

    M SimpsonPrije 13 dana


  38. Brooke_ Squad_Gaming

    Brooke_ Squad_GamingPrije 13 dana


  39. Consuelo Da doll

    Consuelo Da dollPrije 13 dana

    Hansel😂😂 Sloane is amazing at this

  40. •Darby•

    •Darby•Prije 13 dana

    I’m the type of person that would give that lobster heart candy out on Halloween and just have the kids suffer when they get home

  41. Emma Donnelly

    Emma DonnellyPrije 14 dana

    It’s like smosh

  42. Angelaplayz

    AngelaplayzPrije 14 dana

    This is how you fountain?

  43. Laci Siruho

    Laci SiruhoPrije 15 dana

    why did the asmr make me laugh so much before the fart even

  44. Tammy Makholm

    Tammy MakholmPrije 15 dana

    I didn't laugh it was super easy!!!

  45. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie CookiePrije 16 dana

    Okay, but where is episode 9 and 10?!?!?!

  46. Maria -chan

    Maria -chanPrije 16 dana

    Front Alley Boys and their hit song "I require it other way"

  47. Callum The rock

    Callum The rockPrije 16 dana

    She was wearing tommyinnits shirt

  48. Kinkinjoym ROBLOX

    Kinkinjoym ROBLOXPrije 16 dana

    I like how Miles thumbs up and his shirt says thumbs up 😂🤣😅

  49. Egzon Osmani

    Egzon OsmaniPrije 17 dana

    Some body is geting fierd

  50. Lara L

    Lara LPrije 17 dana

    Hiiiiii im subscribed

  51. dave semmens

    dave semmensPrije 18 dana

    Why the ### joke?

  52. aaron roberts

    aaron robertsPrije 18 dana


  53. Olayiwola Saadu

    Olayiwola SaaduPrije 19 dana

    this did not make me laugh

  54. Snowcat Art

    Snowcat ArtPrije 19 dana

    Everyone is talking about how Eric is is back, or that John and Danny are gone, but can anyone appreciate the fact that Miles and Sloan are here too now? I feel like everyone's just been ignoring them! They even made Eric laugh the most!!

  55. lei yang

    lei yangPrije 19 dana

    Eric came back when joe, Jon and Danny left

  56. cashcow

    cashcowPrije 20 dana

    3:50 making fun of dope or nope like its funny but also I love their channel soo...

  57. Manya Gupta

    Manya GuptaPrije 21 dan

    Me skipping adds in every HRcharts video Me watching ads at 11

  58. Lemonana

    LemonanaPrije 23 dana

    6:37 Hans but not

  59. Travis Ransom

    Travis RansomPrije 24 dana

    am i the only person that saw the lquid plumer ad about vat19 the spa clog they did

  60. Samantha Wagner

    Samantha WagnerPrije 24 dana

    3:27 is when the show starts

  61. little Elf-

    little Elf-Prije 24 dana

    6:35 memories. DAS BOOT.

  62. Bridget Brant

    Bridget BrantPrije 25 dana

    It's that they make sloane have a brick to have her feet touching something for me

  63. justin yoon

    justin yoonPrije 25 dana

    Do u guys have the lobster candy cause if u do i wish i can get them so i can try them but i dont think i can

  64. Ossama Zaghloul

    Ossama ZaghloulPrije 25 dana

    I dont laugh if I'm alone their is a higher chance of me laughing if I am with peaple

  65. russia

    russiaPrije 25 dana

    omg deutch jaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  66. Carla Allen

    Carla AllenPrije 26 dana

    3:10 when Miles tries to act mean but he has puppy dog eyes

  67. Kei Alexander Artates

    Kei Alexander ArtatesPrije 26 dana

    shellywanka can i get some candy :D

  68. Evie Northall

    Evie NorthallPrije 27 dana

    It shod have been gilly wonka

  69. Taz DeLucenay

    Taz DeLucenayPrije 27 dana


  70. Human?

    Human?Prije 27 dana

    The person I don't know the name of may believe he can put Pete Wentz to shame, but can he put Frank Iero to shame?

  71. Dillon Joseph drums

    Dillon Joseph drumsPrije 29 dana

    What happened to 9 and 10

  72. Holly Lamovsky

    Holly LamovskyPrije 29 dana

    6:37 l o l

  73. Lilly Carter

    Lilly CarterPrije 29 dana

    No offence but I like Danny more he was better

  74. Samuel Huber

    Samuel HuberPrije mjesec

    Jamie I know I should probably be roasting you but ur a good boss

  75. War Robots Leader

    War Robots LeaderPrije mjesec

    i did not laugh at the video i laughd at eric because the water came from HIS NOSE!🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:42

  76. wow

    wowPrije mjesec

    3:12 eyes are hella pretty I'm simping

  77. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto HernandezPrije mjesec

    just now the same w/o jon danny joey and kara ;(

  78. Mac Tex flex capacitor

    Mac Tex flex capacitorPrije mjesec

    This Abraham Lincoln made me think of 1993s Coneheads movie 🤣👌👌

  79. someonewhoexists

    someonewhoexistsPrije mjesec

    where are 10 and 9?

  80. owen markewich

    owen markewichPrije mjesec

    I am surprised Sloan wasn’t fired

  81. Mac Ariam

    Mac AriamPrije mjesec

    Everyone: why can't Jamie eat the lobster heart candy. Jamie: beacause I'm the boss.

  82. Stephen Lessick

    Stephen LessickPrije mjesec



    N1GHTMARE_DR4GONPrije mjesec

    6:36 - 7:05 lol

  84. Emelia Tourscher

    Emelia TourscherPrije mjesec

    7:08 *das boot*

  85. London Hi

    London HiPrije mjesec

    Dope or nop hmmmmm

  86. Aicon 207

    Aicon 207Prije mjesec

    Its : der Schuh with : den Süßigkeiten lol

  87. Sophie Martin

    Sophie MartinPrije mjesec

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny that 19 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny

  88. Puppy Lover

    Puppy LoverPrije mjesec

    3:51 A rip-off of dope or nope

  89. owen markewich

    owen markewichPrije mjesec

    In any other office Sloan would be fired

  90. Mango Head

    Mango HeadPrije mjesec

    vat 19 i's so cool



    Eric is baaacckkk yyyyaaayyyyy I missed eric

  92. Games with Gavin

    Games with GavinPrije mjesec

    This is the worst thanks middle finger women bye Vat19 or should I say vat0

  93. Martina Vildosola

    Martina VildosolaPrije mjesec

    What’s Sloane’s IG?

  94. •K•E•I•R•A• •M•U•R•R•A•Y•

    •K•E•I•R•A• •M•U•R•R•A•Y•Prije mjesec

    Sloane you should get a million papers full of puns and dump it in jamies office ;)

  95. JesslynLovesArt

    JesslynLovesArtPrije mjesec

    Admit,all siblings fight like Sloane and I right?

  96. jiwa hacks

    jiwa hacksPrije mjesec

    4:10 what did she say??

  97. Melody Gary

    Melody GaryPrije mjesec

    why does Eric look like Eric Whitachre-

  98. r285o Roblox

    r285o RobloxPrije mjesec

    I love it when Sloane messes up something on purpose

  99. zedxxx9

    zedxxx9Prije mjesec

    Damn... I started reading the comments so happy that Eric is back, and ended up depressed learning that Kara is gone... Win some and lose some I guess.

  100. snowyj1

    snowyj1Prije mjesec

    It Mast be salty... if it is I will love it

  101. adolphm3

    adolphm3Prije mjesec

    This video was posted on my Birthday October17

  102. E's Animations

    E's AnimationsPrije mjesec

    6:43 is hilarious though!! I showed my brother it and he literally stared at me like I was a crazy monster.

  103. Gino is right

    Gino is rightPrije mjesec

    The reason Lincoln went to the play was because somebody said it was mind blowing

  104. Benjamin Kerr

    Benjamin KerrPrije mjesec

    Im a tuff nut that Eric is a tough nut sorry Eric Ur not..................

  105. Beata Gburzynska

    Beata GburzynskaPrije mjesec

    My brother's name is Eryc