Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #13

Can Jamie resist laughing while watching this crazy video that the crew put together? And has Eric invented a new career field?
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  1. B.J. Ocampo

    B.J. OcampoPrije 8 sati

    You made me lagh Wen i was eting and I thro my food out my mouth lol 😂

  2. The dumb one

    The dumb onePrije 10 sati

    I you buy the premium :D

  3. Myiella Warr

    Myiella WarrPrije 22 sati

    I love y'all vids keep up the work

  4. Alex Bicket

    Alex BicketPrije dan

    Davie Is SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross

  5. Claude

    ClaudePrije dan


  6. nemesis9410

    nemesis9410Prije dan

    Wait, Eric is back at Vat19??

  7. Groggy Boy

    Groggy BoyPrije dan

    its been a while but I thought Eric quit vat19

  8. LeahBella Hehe

    LeahBella HehePrije dan

    1 like=Jaime ❤️ 1 comment=miles💙 Both=Adam💜

  9. Star pack

    Star packPrije dan

    once there was a cafe and it had this little meme in it and it was like a baby and it said "if your afraid of money leave it in the tip jar"

  10. Riley Johnson

    Riley JohnsonPrije dan

    I feel bad for Jamie

  11. Ron Humphrey

    Ron HumphreyPrije dan


  12. Jessica Truong

    Jessica TruongPrije dan

    Make jamie laugh .me laughing

  13. Andrew Potocki

    Andrew PotockiPrije dan

    After the human stress ball they should of had a clip of gave on breach it to make it

  14. BosserGames

    BosserGamesPrije dan

    My favorite clip was when Adam goes crazy about the "oVeRsIzEd LaVa LaMpS, 80's ReTrO tHiNgS, LuNaR lAmPs, and A bOoK lIgHt WiTh No WoRdS"!

  15. Maisey-May Hudson

    Maisey-May HudsonPrije 2 dana

    I haven’t watched this chanel in a while and yay Jamie is not bald 😎he swag now 🥶

  16. Sarah Smith

    Sarah SmithPrije 2 dana

    But i still think the human stress ball was one of the most weird yet hilarious 😂😂😂

  17. Sarah Smith

    Sarah SmithPrije 2 dana

    The wrestling was the funniest for me lol😄😂😂😂

  18. Browniebat

    BrowniebatPrije 2 dana

    What editing software do they use

  19. irah ferre

    irah ferrePrije 3 dana

    0:12 what the


    ALICIA HAMDANIPrije 3 dana

    “iS thIs hOw yOu fOunTiAn?” -Eric

  21. Moraton7

    Moraton7Prije 3 dana

    0.55 he looks like a person from the Office.

  22. Berti Verduga

    Berti VerdugaPrije 3 dana


  23. Digital

    DigitalPrije 3 dana

    2:53 Why he look like goblin but human

  24. betul zeynep kayadibi

    betul zeynep kayadibiPrije 3 dana

    Jamie is mean

  25. Oscar Marquez

    Oscar MarquezPrije 4 dana

    Ya Jamie is getting balder

  26. Parker Hanson-Szolga

    Parker Hanson-SzolgaPrije 4 dana

    Nobody: Eric: Is ThIS HoW yoU fOunTAIn

  27. Cody Ring

    Cody RingPrije 4 dana

    5:33 funniest face of the video

  28. PuggoGaming

    PuggoGamingPrije 5 dana

    I love this it’s hilarious

  29. ZiSele Gamez

    ZiSele GamezPrije 5 dana

    Sometimes jamie realy thinks he is the boss

  30. Jordan Mwaura

    Jordan MwauraPrije 5 dana

    ;) 10:00

  31. fortnite map makers

    fortnite map makersPrije 5 dana

    i did not luagh till the fight lol

  32. Little Kitty

    Little KittyPrije 5 dana

    i had water in my mouth and i laughed and i think you know what happened

  33. ZM world

    ZM worldPrije 5 dana

    The water was literally coming out of his nose💦

  34. adam smith

    adam smithPrije 6 dana

    Why dose Gabe look like Dwight from the office.

  35. Grey Sumner

    Grey SumnerPrije 6 dana

    Why do I feel like Vat-19 views have been dropping because of Jon and Danny leaving?

  36. Hanh Nguyen

    Hanh NguyenPrije 6 dana

    0:19 they 2 simps😩

  37. Luna Stinnett

    Luna StinnettPrije 6 dana

    0:55 can I speak to your manager

  38. Steven R

    Steven RPrije 7 dana

    Is vat19+maxflix real??

  39. Natalie's Foxes, Unicorns, and More

    Natalie's Foxes, Unicorns, and MorePrije 7 dana

    Even the videos made me laugh 😆 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣

  40. Beatlefreak

    BeatlefreakPrije 7 dana

    Eric working the quarantine belly

  41. Chuppa2

    Chuppa2Prije 7 dana


  42. Ryan Jensen

    Ryan JensenPrije 7 dana

    Pretty sure I just watched a video of Jamie getting drunk for my drivers Ed class, or someone with the same name and looks exactly like him

  43. Hxll Wish

    Hxll WishPrije 7 dana

    what came first, Smosh Try not to Laugh or This?

  44. Pug and Space Gamers

    Pug and Space GamersPrije 7 dana

    Only early people to this video will realize the thumbnail changed

  45. travis scott

    travis scottPrije 7 dana

    The adamant authority simplistically peck because straw sequentially retire by a testy dashboard. short, defeated swan

  46. Cayla Paul

    Cayla PaulPrije 8 dana

    Hi vat19 are you my Love

  47. Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad KhanPrije 8 dana

    I love this video

  48. Patrick Berger

    Patrick BergerPrije 8 dana

    This is what I transitioned to after hidden in plain sight

  49. Boba Bear

    Boba BearPrije 8 dana

    is this h0w u vountain -eric 2021

  50. Christopher Reynolds

    Christopher ReynoldsPrije 8 dana

    2:11 Nice going. You just butchered one of my good songs.

  51. mokamations

    mokamationsPrije 8 dana

    I love this

  52. DaBeanSheep

    DaBeanSheepPrije 8 dana

    we need the "ah yes fountain yes fountain" video on its own pleasssseeeee

  53. sargam dey

    sargam deyPrije 9 dana

    The evil boss lmao

  54. SweetEzeBoy

    SweetEzeBoyPrije 9 dana

    I'm gonna be honest. Vat19 doesn't feel the same to me anymore.

  55. Zac Valentine

    Zac ValentinePrije 9 dana

    Me in my head: john cotton, Jamie, john cotton, jamie, um what's the difference

  56. Akemi saito

    Akemi saitoPrije 9 dana

    Ah yes Fountain

  57. Caroline van de Kamp

    Caroline van de KampPrije 9 dana

    My favourite bit is the : no one : Jamie because I'm the boss buy I liked the girl

  58. Said Taghiyev

    Said TaghiyevPrije 10 dana

    Eric is a legend

  59. Said Taghiyev

    Said TaghiyevPrije 10 dana

    Only legends remember john and danny

  60. Johan Johan

    Johan JohanPrije 10 dana

    laughing gives you hiccups

  61. Cowboy crab YEECLAW

    Cowboy crab YEECLAWPrije 10 dana

    4:18 fountain

  62. mitchell johnson

    mitchell johnsonPrije 10 dana

    Jamie is a butt:im the boss stop

  63. Video Vibing nightfall

    Video Vibing nightfallPrije 10 dana


  64. Michelle Holbrook

    Michelle HolbrookPrije 10 dana

    Why did he shave his beard

  65. Nandini Mysore

    Nandini MysorePrije 10 dana

    “ Is ThIs HoW yOu VoUnTaIn?” Eric - 2020

  66. Froggy &Friends

    Froggy &FriendsPrije 10 dana

    *Jamie watches video and spits water out as he looks down* me: is he that sweaty?!

  67. Super STV

    Super STVPrije 11 dana

    I have the ability to make people laugh, just by laughing.

  68. Timothy Brazzel

    Timothy BrazzelPrije 11 dana

    I called the phone number 888 it’s a joke lol don t call it

  69. Dixie Normus

    Dixie NormusPrije 11 dana


  70. Daniel

    DanielPrije 11 dana

    Anyone else just go to 4:50 and go back 10sec over and over again?

  71. Karis Cooks

    Karis CooksPrije 11 dana

    I’d like to see Jamie to just stop advertising for one day. I’d bet on that

  72. Mackenzie Teh Dog

    Mackenzie Teh DogPrije 11 dana

    Ngl i thought Davey was just Stephen with a moustache and wig

  73. Mags D

    Mags DPrije 11 dana

    All of these people writing hate comments on Jamie are just trying to get into one of these videos.

  74. FinalFantasyFan 012

    FinalFantasyFan 012Prije 11 dana

    1:13 Talk about a pody mouth, am I right?

  75. Thomas Parks

    Thomas ParksPrije 11 dana


  76. yahya abdullah

    yahya abdullahPrije 11 dana

    Jamie: Im not laughing at any of these Vids *laughs at The 1st one*

  77. yahya abdullah

    yahya abdullahPrije 11 dana

    1:21 is The time The try not TO laugh starts

  78. The real Elias Beckman Piggy

    The real Elias Beckman PiggyPrije 11 dana


  79. charlieclaybuzz

    charlieclaybuzzPrije 12 dana



    SILENCEPrije 12 dana

    4:26 *A C T I V A T E F O U N T A I N !*

  81. Layla Lamphere

    Layla LampherePrije 12 dana

    I HAVE THE PACK-MAN GHOST LAMP!!!!!!!!AAAAa AAAAAAA! Me:years it out the fliping window! Me also:phew...back to vat19

  82. charlieclaybuzz

    charlieclaybuzzPrije 12 dana


  83. charlieclaybuzz

    charlieclaybuzzPrije 12 dana


  84. charlieclaybuzz

    charlieclaybuzzPrije 12 dana


  85. Kimiko Wittkopp

    Kimiko WittkoppPrije 12 dana

    I know it was probably on purpose, but...the 2 Dave Mathews songs are not by Dave Matthews. Jack Johnson and John Mayer are good I guess! Btw! This video was my favorite of all of the "try not to laugh" ones, well done Vat 19!

  86. Ying Wu

    Ying WuPrije 12 dana

    its make me laugh too

  87. Jayde Wesley

    Jayde WesleyPrije 12 dana

    Is this how you fountain?! Lol!

  88. Autumn Palmeri

    Autumn PalmeriPrije 12 dana

    Video:sapost to be a stress ball To me:looks like a Karen but fat

  89. Super Seth Neethling

    Super Seth NeethlingPrije 13 dana

    Ha ha ha

  90. Sugata Basu Roy Choudhury

    Sugata Basu Roy ChoudhuryPrije 13 dana

    Which song did Eric sing

  91. Bob Jerry

    Bob JerryPrije 13 dana

    Jamie more like poo

  92. Feddy

    FeddyPrije 13 dana

    6:14 When they couldnt afford a slow motion cam

  93. Henry’s Gaming channel

    Henry’s Gaming channelPrije 13 dana

    you did this on my b day

  94. Liam Neary

    Liam NearyPrije 13 dana


  95. Moony

    MoonyPrije 13 dana

    I don't know, is it how you fountain?

  96. lamp clam

    lamp clamPrije 13 dana

    I don’t want to be mean to Jamey but why dose it look like he has no mouth to hold in his water

  97. Ruv

    RuvPrije 13 dana

    1:34 starts the try not to laugh 😆

  98. rochelle Fernandez

    rochelle FernandezPrije 14 dana


  99. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken NuggetPrije 14 dana

    They aren’t very funny

  100. Swimming Dog

    Swimming DogPrije 14 dana

    5:55 “you taking about the LAVA LAMPS” 😂😂😂😂😂

  101. mollycourson

    mollycoursonPrije 14 dana