We Made This Chocolate Bar Totally Unbearable • Spice Trivia #2

This might look like an innocent chocolate bar, but it's one of the punishments as we test the limits of our knowledge and pain tolerance in Spicy Trivia.
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  1. Jorgeena Poullene Montenegro

    Jorgeena Poullene MontenegroPrije dan

    Is ypur hottest pepper is really hot?

  2. Shilpa Patel

    Shilpa PatelPrije 2 dana


  3. Shilpa Patel

    Shilpa PatelPrije 2 dana


  4. Willa syn

    Willa synPrije 5 dana

    Spice doesn't make you stupider, You just get distracted by the pain in your mouth

  5. Slipbers World

    Slipbers WorldPrije 6 dana

    Did miles have a kidney stone, extreme burning turds, asparagus pee? What exactly WAS miles doing?

  6. Caiden Mitchell

    Caiden MitchellPrije 6 dana

    Jamie threw his hat on the floor to my state that I live in South Carolina ouch That hurts

  7. Luca .z

    Luca .zPrije 6 dana

    Maddie: “I don’t know” Slone: *****yoink*****

  8. Samuel Smith

    Samuel SmithPrije 8 dana

    The capital of Pennsylvanian is actually Harrisburg

  9. Zafir Hafiy

    Zafir HafiyPrije 8 dana

    Sloane is going to be a dangerous mother

  10. Braydon Forsythe

    Braydon ForsythePrije 9 dana

    hey I’m from Pittsburgh

  11. Emma Bryan

    Emma BryanPrije 10 dana

    I live in Hershey it’s Harrisburg oh yeaaaa

  12. Texas Tim

    Texas TimPrije 12 dana

    Jaime's BALD?!

  13. JBJ S

    JBJ SPrije 13 dana

    Omg u sead f%#$ u

  14. JBJ S

    JBJ SPrije 13 dana

    This chocolate is totally safe my brother eats this chocolate all the time and he hasn’t died or gotten sick he never Calf’s even after he eats one

  15. Manal Khalil

    Manal KhalilPrije 13 dana


  16. Uni Skye

    Uni SkyePrije 13 dana

    Can we talk about how well Sloane handled the spice, the boys may have won the game, but atleast the girls still have there taste buds

  17. Potato 650

    Potato 650Prije 14 dana

    Couldn’t stop laughing at 2:21

  18. D Salazar

    D SalazarPrije 14 dana


  19. Huwurr !

    Huwurr !Prije 16 dana

    what if someone ate the whole bar of world's hottest chocolate bar? The bar of DEATH

  20. Rubber dab Fortnite 2.0

    Rubber dab Fortnite 2.0Prije 16 dana

    tiktok was made in 2014

  21. Jiyu Starfam

    Jiyu StarfamPrije 16 dana

    I have a jalapeno burger I can't even eat it lol imagine playing this-

  22. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  23. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  24. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  25. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  26. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  27. •iiBearxz

    •iiBearxzPrije 16 dana


  28. Finn Cosgrove

    Finn CosgrovePrije 17 dana

    As a Pennsylvania person I’m very mad on how they don’t know our it is HAZLETON!!!

  29. Finn Cosgrove

    Finn CosgrovePrije 17 dana



    HOSHANG BHATHENAPrije 18 dana

    9:06 Jamie was raging so bad it was so funny 🤣😂

  31. ayaan khaan2110

    ayaan khaan2110Prije 18 dana

    I am Indian and we produce 70% of Spice

  32. Gent Gashi

    Gent GashiPrije 18 dana

    Answer: Harrisburg

  33. Krystyna Ola

    Krystyna OlaPrije 19 dana

    The vacuous cupboard meteorologically decide because database intraorally help midst a deep popcorn. rigid, stupid carbon

  34. Sebastian Olvera De Anda

    Sebastian Olvera De AndaPrije 19 dana

    2:35 What the H is is he doing? 😂😂😂

  35. Eldrick Nguyen

    Eldrick NguyenPrije 19 dana

    No wonder that chocolate is not safe for kids Whoever took a bite of that didn’t break it into pieces but straight up bit it

  36. uwu boop

    uwu boopPrije 20 dana

    "Do you wanna roll around and the floor and cover yourself in water" Lmaoo

  37. AlWindow _

    AlWindow _Prije 20 dana

    im just eating spicy food while watching

  38. Jenna Lewis

    Jenna LewisPrije 21 dan

    So, Jamie on Hot Ones... yes?

  39. Chung Wallace

    Chung WallacePrije 22 dana

    Miles: takes Jamie's toe of Satan Jamie: "IDIOT!!!" I hate Jamie.

  40. Ashley Massaro

    Ashley MassaroPrije 24 dana

    The aloof force echographically note because payment gratifyingly cough about a elated security. tart, false familiar famous condor

  41. Penny G Carmo

    Penny G CarmoPrije 26 dana

    The abundant rooster embryologically sail because luttuce promisingly slip apud a confused prepared. disgusted, abashed amusement

  42. Rylee Elliott

    Rylee ElliottPrije 27 dana

    Wow so cool * I was sarcastic * but I love them

  43. Owen Cauley

    Owen CauleyPrije 28 dana

    I love your inventions

  44. Xvaldez32

    Xvaldez32Prije 29 dana

    I remember doing the death nut challenge with my old manager after he called the Carolina reaper pebbles weak. I warned him ahead of time and we even went and bought ice cream before doing it. At first I thought he was doing fine cause he was just chilling there acting tough saying it was kinda disappointing meanwhile I was getting more and more agitated and my glasses where even fogging up but it wasn't unbearable. Then finally on the last nut I look over to see how he's doing and the man has tears streaming down his face, bloodshot eyes and he was absolutely dying. We finished the challenge but the suffering was only getting started. We dug into the ice cream. Didnt help, went into my house to get milk, didn't help and eventually our stomachs started hurting so I also went for some pepto bismol and while I was inside looking for the damn bottle my manager got out the car and on his knees. When I finally handed him the spoon and pepto his hands were shaking and I was worried I legit poisoned his ass. In the end we both threw up into the sewer grate near my neighbors driveway. We killed half a gallon of milk and we probably would have downed the entire thing if it wasn't just a little over half full. It was a good time 10/10 would recommend 👌

  45. Kirby Morgan

    Kirby MorganPrije mjesec


  46. Amy Animations

    Amy AnimationsPrije mjesec

    When you live in Philadelphia:( thx Jamie

  47. Gavril Yaselle Tiburcio

    Gavril Yaselle TiburcioPrije mjesec

    Jamie why are you make the Place wet

  48. Ava François-Pijuan

    Ava François-PijuanPrije mjesec

    This shows women's pain tolerance, and they were badass!

  49. Melanie Archer

    Melanie ArcherPrije mjesec

    Did you know Pittsburg was founded 18 years before the United States of America was even a thing Have a good day!😁

  50. Tom Matthew Sharkey

    Tom Matthew SharkeyPrije mjesec

    How does this from january 9th still has 913 comments? Whatt??

  51. Leaf Gamer

    Leaf GamerPrije mjesec


  52. Sebastian Contreras

    Sebastian ContrerasPrije mjesec

    the red head is sooo the bad and incorrect side of feminism (wich objectively it's not feminism )

  53. Avelin Del

    Avelin DelPrije mjesec

    2:35 Anyone happen to know the tune? 🙃😂

  54. lolwut

    lolwutPrije mjesec

    no one: subtitles: fat 19

  55. Darsh Mitul S

    Darsh Mitul SPrije mjesec

    Hot treats seriously

  56. Zach Boyd

    Zach BoydPrije mjesec

    What happened to Jamie shouting "I'm the smartest person ever!" while pumping his fists into the air?

  57. M Bot

    M BotPrije mjesec

    The makeshift stamp serologically confess because softdrink italy tour amidst a majestic nose. thankful, rabid sister

  58. Star

    StarPrije mjesec

    I thought it was skrillex

  59. MC Ruff

    MC RuffPrije mjesec

    9:57 "haha! Idiot" 😂

  60. Michael Antonio

    Michael AntonioPrije mjesec

    10:28 Hahahahahahahaha! Never thought I'd like Miles. But I do now!!!

  61. Evolutionary Famous

    Evolutionary FamousPrije mjesec

    team Ao But Team Bo vietnam:Team Trần Đức Bo

  62. B Min

    B MinPrije mjesec

    Sloan is a bossss

  63. Ibraheem Beg

    Ibraheem BegPrije mjesec

    It is so funny when miles was singing like at the end lol 🤣

  64. x_x DEADEMOJI x_x

    x_x DEADEMOJI x_xPrije mjesec

    I like sloan she can walk through hell without breaking a sweat

  65. Rainbow Sunshine

    Rainbow SunshinePrije mjesec

    Them eating peper me eating milk them we trade I want MILK ITS SO HOT

  66. MrZiiman

    MrZiimanPrije mjesec

    Jamie: *does a spicy challenge* Also Jamie: *dies*

  67. Jamison Horman

    Jamison HormanPrije mjesec

    Jamie is such a baby

  68. Madhusudan Dutta

    Madhusudan DuttaPrije mjesec

    I love how Maddie just doesn't care how friggin spicy it is lmao

  69. Jeffrey Gaul

    Jeffrey GaulPrije mjesec

    I would give Jamie and Mile's half a point for guessing the old capital but still get a punishment but hey that's just me

  70. Even Zeroes Can Be Heroes

    Even Zeroes Can Be HeroesPrije mjesec

    Sloan is the best here hands down

  71. little animals

    little animalsPrije mjesec

    Sloans up there

  72. Taylor Steimle

    Taylor SteimlePrije mjesec

    My sister bought a lil nitro and licked it and gave up it didn't even fully enter her mouth 😂

  73. pxnda

    pxndaPrije mjesec

    The Carolina reaper isn’t natural lol

  74. Georgina Jones

    Georgina JonesPrije mjesec

    The cringeeee

  75. Jerry The Cat

    Jerry The CatPrije mjesec


  76. Yuan Felix

    Yuan FelixPrije mjesec

    Jamie is literally dying😭🤣 I’m sorry😭😂🤣

  77. Kassandra Jimenez

    Kassandra JimenezPrije mjesec

    If spice king was in this video he will be getting the question wrong just to spicy stuff 😂

  78. Mishika Majumder

    Mishika MajumderPrije mjesec

    BRO this not good

  79. MangleFoxVideos

    MangleFoxVideosPrije mjesec

    My reaction to the thumbnail: So.....I can give it to a toddler?

  80. CalebGamez

    CalebGamezPrije mjesec

    Im from sc

  81. CalebGamez

    CalebGamezPrije mjesec

    A moon and a palm tree

  82. Marina Mikhaeil

    Marina MikhaeilPrije mjesec

    Slone is my spirit animal

  83. Zoë Arriaga Saenz

    Zoë Arriaga SaenzPrije mjesec

    Mexicans: I don’t think so :)

  84. Greg Foust

    Greg FoustPrije mjesec

    I want the old crew back. I don’t like Sloan.

  85. DJ Gaming

    DJ GamingPrije mjesec


  86. Bryan Yap

    Bryan YapPrije mjesec

    10:28 great to see miles singing

  87. RavenLeBean

    RavenLeBeanPrije mjesec

    Sloan is a queen and a boss, you go LESBEAN!

  88. yellipoh yodiyol

    yellipoh yodiyolPrije mjesec

    Jamie and Miles were never seen again.

  89. Hirozaki Daniswara

    Hirozaki DaniswaraPrije mjesec

    10:27 what the fox miles saying ?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  90. Lyndon Bond

    Lyndon BondPrije mjesec

    The hottest pepper is a razor pepper hotter than the reaper. Guinness hasent tried it yet. That's y when u search it on Google it says the reaper

  91. Dayne Way

    Dayne WayPrije mjesec

    Carolina reaper power: exists my brain for no reason: snort it

  92. Rhythm S

    Rhythm SPrije mjesec

    me living in PA 😎 and used to live in SC 😎 and am born in India 😎

  93. Steven Kitajima

    Steven KitajimaPrije mjesec

    *gets the question wrong about the murder hornets "tHaT's LiKe PuRe SeMaNtIcS" she's so hostile geeeez "Can you not feel spice" "i would rather die than to let you feel superior of me" like what?! Chill tf out its just a game, calm your liberal feminist attitude

  94. gameing with gods

    gameing with godsPrije mjesec

    So see if they're growing your hair back Jamie funny

  95. Alpha d09

    Alpha d09Prije mjesec

    1:49 moon and palm tree

  96. This Sucks

    This SucksPrije mjesec

    her: Carolina reaper p- *ad*

  97. Da boys Got U

    Da boys Got UPrije mjesec

    Miles was like 10:29 And then cough

  98. Emma Percy

    Emma PercyPrije mjesec

    Jamie is just dieing right at the minute he gets the spicy chocolate LOL

  99. Amy Williams

    Amy WilliamsPrije mjesec

    I'm in disbelive on how strong sloan stays with consuming so many spicy things.

  100. The Pirate

    The PiratePrije mjesec

    why would anybody eat a chocolate bar like that? on the thumbnail

  101. Lily's Vlogs

    Lily's VlogsPrije mjesec

    heyyy i live in SC

  102. Caroline M

    Caroline MPrije mjesec

    I actually got the South Carolina flag and I was shook.

  103. Katty Animations

    Katty AnimationsPrije mjesec

    Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are NOT i repeat NOT the capitals of PA

  104. Punith Lourdu

    Punith LourduPrije mjesec

    that red hed is a stupid

  105. Emma Ginn

    Emma GinnPrije mjesec

    I even knew it was Harrisburg 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 And I’m 8

  106. Karina Jain

    Karina JainPrije mjesec

    Sloan the spice Queen cannot be beaten Me no idea how

  107. 「įtż.Äru_? Ãrŵa 」

    「įtż.Äru_? Ãrŵa 」Prije mjesec