Why Can't These Matches Be Put Out? • Burning Questions #17

Our very science-y scientists are back to answer your most important questions about Vat19 products.
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  1. Hanzo Snow

    Hanzo SnowPrije 24 minuta

    If you wear the upside down goggles upside down does will make it upside up?

  2. Wolfo Gaming

    Wolfo GamingPrije 4 sati

    Help The Match is still burning im gonna burn my house down

  3. Animal Lover 2077

    Animal Lover 2077Prije 7 sati

    My question about the slushy maker: can you make a slushy out of fruit or vegetables

  4. CocoCutiePie

    CocoCutiePiePrije 9 sati

    I dont think the people are real tho- The instagram acc SonicsHumanTeeth- Ik bc i can make a instagram account called that since no one have the acc name yet-

  5. CosmicDivinity

    CosmicDivinityPrije 9 sati

    Burning Question: What happens if you use water on Candy Magic instead of candy?

  6. Mr Grievous

    Mr GrievousPrije 10 sati

    Ok Wasn’t expecting that Star Wars reference

  7. Parmer Family

    Parmer FamilyPrije 10 sati

    I just ordered a Vat19 box

  8. TristenBat

    TristenBatPrije dan

    7:08 “pizza sauce on Miles!”

  9. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas SrsichPrije dan

    The selective carbon implicitly concern because sycamore principally explode by a ethereal representative. muddled, ajar lung

  10. Tahi Tech

    Tahi TechPrije dan

    This question is for hard candy cotton candy Maker . Make cotton candy from lopster hard candy

  11. Jada Graham

    Jada GrahamPrije dan

    Hi name jada.graham can the crunchcup crunch stuff other than Cereal ?

  12. Techno Gaming

    Techno GamingPrije dan

    5:37 I love myself some fire tasting milk

  13. Shona Mcmillan

    Shona McmillanPrije dan


  14. Abigail Miller

    Abigail MillerPrije dan

    *wheezes* PiZzA sAuCe

  15. Master Matter

    Master MatterPrije dan

    My question for makey makey is it is ment for you to use them for something that carry's no electricity but what if you use them for something that does carry electricity like plug it in to a phone so that it can you can play your game on the computer

  16. Master Matter

    Master MatterPrije dan

    My question for storm proof matches is after you lite the thing you want to lite and you now want the fire to go out how do you put it out

  17. DJ Omas sk

    DJ Omas skPrije 2 dana

    7:08 *pizza sauce*

  18. Tyler Bator

    Tyler BatorPrije 2 dana

    Fastbreak383 is a legend

  19. anabel garcia

    anabel garciaPrije 2 dana

    Can you make sober dough with any drink

  20. The Great Bread

    The Great BreadPrije 3 dana


  21. Sugan Govender

    Sugan GovenderPrije 4 dana

    Peter parkour 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Henry Bingham

    Henry BinghamPrije 4 dana

    God has returned in the form of FastBreak383

  23. Samuel Mast

    Samuel MastPrije 4 dana

    im addicted to twirlers but i just got my braces =(

  24. raf kwan

    raf kwanPrije 4 dana

    waa me miss jon and joey

  25. shoto todoroki

    shoto todorokiPrije 4 dana

    Really a steaming hot kettle wooooooow just like my mom

  26. Emma Kenworthy

    Emma KenworthyPrije 4 dana

    Can you please make glow in the dark mad matter

  27. matthew pratt

    matthew prattPrije 4 dana

    Um the sled with ice on the bottom um you can just it needs a hill to slid down

  28. matthew pratt

    matthew prattPrije 4 dana

    It needs a hill to slid down

  29. Igor Złotowski

    Igor ZłotowskiPrije 4 dana


  30. Mega Ostrich

    Mega OstrichPrije 4 dana

    Title brings a different meaning to this series “Burning Question”

  31. Tyler Lachance

    Tyler LachancePrije 5 dana


  32. Layla Williams

    Layla WilliamsPrije 5 dana

    Can you make s’mores out of the hottest chocolate in the world

  33. CozY VoidZ

    CozY VoidZPrije 5 dana

    I have makey makey

  34. Cuong Le

    Cuong LePrije 6 dana

    She broke her ankle 8:46

  35. Winnie The Pooh-Pooh

    Winnie The Pooh-PoohPrije 6 dana

    0:19 She tried to make the f word I know it

  36. Halo Azrath

    Halo AzrathPrije 6 dana

    Hey vat19 what happens when you mix all the food flavored sodas you have and make a new soda what would it taste like?

  37. Anna-Maria Beatrice Schultz

    Anna-Maria Beatrice SchultzPrije 6 dana

    Can the slicer be used in summer or will the ice melt?

  38. Chandrasenan M.R

    Chandrasenan M.RPrije 7 dana

    Do the magic milk straws work on other liquids?

  39. Alisha Allen

    Alisha AllenPrije 7 dana

    “Human sold separately” Hold up

  40. choccy boi

    choccy boiPrije 7 dana

    9:09 Nintendo: That's it I'm suing them

  41. Jim McDaniel

    Jim McDanielPrije 7 dana

    I have the pizza blanket. P.S. My dogs use it the most.

  42. steve edmonds

    steve edmondsPrije 7 dana

    u sound like my libraarian. exept ur a boi

  43. Reese Radcliffe

    Reese RadcliffePrije 7 dana

    2:08 10 year old me on monkey bars

  44. Innocent being

    Innocent beingPrije 7 dana

    a match that wont light off.. what could be bad.

  45. Muazama zaffar

    Muazama zaffarPrije 8 dana

    The legend of Fastbreak383

  46. Flob

    FlobPrije 8 dana

    Fire haserd

  47. Joey Natalia

    Joey NataliaPrije 8 dana

    It’s not the same without Joey and john

  48. Niki Raz

    Niki RazPrije 8 dana

    How do you blow out the storm proof maches?

  49. Xx Yy

    Xx YyPrije 8 dana

    Me watching HRcharts HRcharts hey wanna watch some videos? Me👁👄👁

  50. Huynh Nguyen

    Huynh NguyenPrije 8 dana

    Question #2: Could The Skyball Go To The Moon

  51. Huynh Nguyen

    Huynh NguyenPrije 8 dana

    Question #1: Could The Gummy Snake Stretch

  52. melanie elayaperuma

    melanie elayaperumaPrije 9 dana

    Will the "storm proof matches" sarvive chocalate pudding and chocalate sirup?

  53. Gun

    GunPrije 9 dana

    the match can you make it stop being resistaint

  54. kata saroja

    kata sarojaPrije 9 dana

    Did the marshmallow serial is Ranchi or not ?

  55. Kevin Goldman

    Kevin GoldmanPrije 9 dana

    why is fastbreak383 in like every one of these

  56. Forgetful Manner

    Forgetful MannerPrije 10 dana

    Can you use the Dice Stress Ball as a Real dice for Games?

  57. Evan FDZ

    Evan FDZPrije 11 dana

    Can Sower Powder Gum Can burn?

  58. Fluffs Drawings

    Fluffs DrawingsPrije 11 dana

    Normal human: “Peter parkour” Jamie:”Peter PARKOUR”

  59. Camila Isabel Quispe Vera

    Camila Isabel Quispe VeraPrije 11 dana

    4:15 edit 54 likes pls

  60. SlayerPlaysYT 35 :3

    SlayerPlaysYT 35 :3Prije 12 dana

    How do you extinguish the match that was in this vid

  61. chase_00f

    chase_00fPrije 12 dana

    7:13 My favorite line, I like the: Nerd. Part

  62. Mula Ionescu

    Mula IonescuPrije 12 dana

    Sonic old design refrence 10/10

  63. firefoxVEVO

    firefoxVEVOPrije 13 dana


  64. Yuet hei Hung

    Yuet hei HungPrije 13 dana

    Can shanpong hold other drinks??? Zzz and please make more videows

  65. Ava Bradley Armstrong

    Ava Bradley ArmstrongPrije 13 dana

    Do magic milk straws make Air taste good

  66. Noah DiBella

    Noah DiBellaPrije 14 dana

    Anyone else want the cherry pull apart twizzlers to be extra long?

  67. EZAP ME!

    EZAP ME!Prije 14 dana

    "don't play with fire" it a burning Question

  68. Niko Murati

    Niko MuratiPrije 15 dana

    I got an ad that you were in

  69. Scarlett Young

    Scarlett YoungPrije 15 dana

    So can I take the worlds largest gummy worm and lose it like real bait for fishing

  70. Marshadow

    MarshadowPrije 15 dana

    For the Gotta Go Flamingo 🦩: if it eats it 💩 will it say it tastes good?

  71. Xx Bradley xX

    Xx Bradley xXPrije 16 dana

    Silly sled, streets are for cars, not kids or rabbits Kids: >:( Rabbit: I need a new kind of cereal called carrot crunch Kids: >:(

  72. Sero Official

    Sero OfficialPrije 16 dana

    FastBreak383 what grate memories 🥺

  73. Blogging With Parker Penning

    Blogging With Parker PenningPrije 16 dana

    I have a burning question is the jewels crazy Arons putty actual jewels?

  74. Edward's Branchline Productions

    Edward's Branchline ProductionsPrije 16 dana

    Where is fastbreak383

  75. Sokol Loci

    Sokol LociPrije 17 dana

    i'm not smart of the upside down game

  76. robina david

    robina davidPrije 17 dana

    8:06 CROSS PROMO

  77. GabePlayz

    GabePlayzPrije 18 dana

    i thought at the start, he said fat 19 lol

  78. Klon09

    Klon09Prije 18 dana

    Everybody gangster until Michael Jordan's Mustache starts asking questions

  79. DampBongo

    DampBongoPrije 18 dana

    of course sara did the tennis one she's a tennis champion

  80. yes

    yesPrije 19 dana

    3:16 wait- WHAT?

  81. Baianwr Hoard

    Baianwr HoardPrije 19 dana

    This guy's really rude

  82. Expertiselephant

    ExpertiselephantPrije 19 dana

    *Humans sold separately* That got me!

  83. Mistermiss 13

    Mistermiss 13Prije 20 dana

    This is one of those channels that once you watch one video your probably going to watch more fair played I salut to this one

  84. Vat19dotcom

    Vat19dotcomPrije 21 dan

    The Human Slingshot Is Also Available In Black

  85. keyy

    keyyPrije 21 dan



    DOLL’S LIFETIME!Prije 21 dan

    My name is dollsessed

  87. Epic gamers With vlogs

    Epic gamers With vlogsPrije 21 dan

    I wanna know umm how does the magnet putty get on a magnet how much time and how to nap on a real pizza and get the pizza blanket

  88. Eliana Reine Solis

    Eliana Reine SolisPrije 22 dana

    Ah yes, fastbreak383 has returned.

  89. Eden nguyen

    Eden nguyenPrije 22 dana

    SonicsHumanTeeth Abused 3:24

  90. Dylanmite

    DylanmitePrije 23 dana

    can the gummy hotdog be dipped in chili and used as sonic the hedgehog bait

  91. Aaron Deniz

    Aaron DenizPrije 23 dana

    I had the air football

  92. Viewer

    ViewerPrije 24 dana

    Wait who eats oats with water? 🤢🤮

  93. rexa THE CUTEST

    rexa THE CUTESTPrije 24 dana

    3:07 me, my sister, and my friends be like


    CID ALFONSO REYPrije 25 dana

    3:23 Sonic's human teeth

  95. Remington Steamwhistle

    Remington SteamwhistlePrije 25 dana

    I’m sorry to bother but I’m going to a prak

  96. Jaiden Ferreira

    Jaiden FerreiraPrije 25 dana

    Question can ur scientists bounce the mega bounce ball and catch it

  97. Jomana Khan

    Jomana KhanPrije 25 dana

    What happens when u drop the words largest gummy snake of a building?

  98. binjoe23

    binjoe23Prije 26 dana

  99. -*Strawb3rry*-

    -*Strawb3rry*-Prije 26 dana

    How to set your house on fire:

  100. Alexzander Seccia

    Alexzander SecciaPrije 26 dana

    Can you the weapon pen cut and shoot targets

  101. Jette van Koeverden

    Jette van KoeverdenPrije 26 dana

    Now Vat19 everyone on tiktok puts gummy bears in water overnight and they grow really big! But how big would the biggest gummy bear be after a day in water?